Crossfire War – Syria Orders Full Mobilization – Tanks – Missile Units Advance

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – West Asia Theatre: Tehran – Beirut – Damascus/Jerusalem; President Assad Orders Full Mobilization – Syrian Tanks – Missile Units Headed for Israeli Golan Border and Lebanon – Discussions on Re-Taking Golan Heights

Night Watch: DAMASCUS – Syria has taken more steps in preparation for entering the war with Israel in support of Hezbollah and Lebanon. Debka reports that Syria President Bashar Assad has ordered a full mobilization of the military for a limited war with Israel. Damascus is strengthening its border with Lebanon and along the Syrian border with Israel’s Golan Heights. Tank and missile units are now headed toward both borders. Assad has instructed Defense Minister General Hassan Turkemeni to take charge of Syria’s military consignments to Hezbollah and he has also instructed Chief of Staff General Ali Habib to personally supervise the Syrian-Iranian cooperation in their military shipments to Hezbollah. [DEBKA]

A close aide to President Assad, Syrian lawmaker Marwan Habash, is advocating the creation of a resistance-terrorist unit to become active in Israel’s Golan Heights. The prominent cleric Sheikh Asad Kopertou is in complete support of the idea. For the first time in 30 years the Presidential Palace is permitting Syrian Druze leaders to openly discuss the re-taking of the Golan Heights lost to Israel in the stunning Six Day War of June 1967.

Tehran is obviously the difference this time. These latest developments happened on the heels of Iran Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki’s visit to both Damascus – Beirut earlier in the week. It is inconceivable Israel will allow a terrorist unit, as well armed as Hezbollah, to be established near the Golan Heights. It is quite possible that before this week is over Israel launches air strikes against Syrian units that are setting up positions there. Jerusalem does not want to repeat the mistake of waiting six years while another heavily armed Islamic group sets up bases and command posts for attacks against them.

Damascus-Tehran of course will use Israel’s attacks as their reason to enter the war. Something they had always intended to do. They knew Israel would have no other choice or risk extinction. Hezbollah may have been instructed to time their longest range missile fire, targeting Tel Aviv, for when Israel hits Syria.

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