Crossfire War – Southeast Asia Theatre – Another Wave of Bomb Attacks Epected

Crossfire War – Southeast Asia Theatre – Thailand: Bangkok/Malaysia; Another Wave of Bombings Expected in Country’s South Tomorrow – Intelligence Reports Militants to Attack 50 Targets

Night Watch: BANGKOK – Interior Minister Kongsak Wantana has stated that because of intelligence reports from the National Intelligence Agency another wave of bombings are expected tomorrow, Thursday, and therefore the government has ordered a security alert in the three southern provinces along Malaysia’s border: Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat. [BANGKOK POST]

Reports are that 50 targets are to be hit as they were two weeks ago. Government offices and vulnerable installations have had their security increased in the three provinces that are predominantly Muslim. It was mentioned earlier this month that overall Islamic militants had 200 bombs they could use. Some of the militants are trying to re-establish the Islamic state of Pattani while others are pursuing their calling to attack a non-Islamic society in the name of the Jihad.

The government in Bangkok is already being asked who should be held accountable if these attacks continue. Two weeks ago there was a dispute within Thailand’s security and military circles as to whether or not there was any evidence that the bombs had been smuggled in from Malaysia. Most Thai officials said there was no proof that they came from Malaysia and that the preparations for the attacks were planned inside Thailand. Other officials say there is evidence Malaysian territory was used.

If these attacks are carried out then Bangkok will be forced to investigate more thoroughly even if it means risking relations with Kuala Lumpur. It is quite possible Kuala Lumpur may not have complete control over its northern Kelantan province, along their border with Thailand, as Bangkok does not have complete control over its south. There could be Islamic groups active in northern Malaysia independent of Kuala Lumpur. Right before the Tsunami hit on December 26, 2004, and reported on on the 21st of that month, Bangkok did say they had photographic proof there were Islamic training camps in northern Malaysia a charge Kuala Lumpur has always denied.

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