Crossfire War: NEW ISLAM – Possible First Letter Code Attack Pattern

*Night Watch*: This article may enter the realm of the fantastic but as its author, Homa Mohasseb of the Persian Journal said, “This may sound crazy; but it may also be true!”

He calls London’s attack _Triple- 7_ because of the date. 7th day of the 7th month in 2005. The third 7 is when you add the numerals of the year 2005.

What is even more fantastic is the possible * first letter code* of the newly coined phrase, *NEW ISLAM*. I believed it was first uttered by Iran’s newly elected President and if so then Iran’s Intelligence Minister Ali Younesi and the head of the Council of Guardians Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, will probably tell the new President to keep quiet and try to remain as nondescript as possible.

According to the article the *N* in *New Islam* = _New York_, *E* = East Coast, *W* = _Washington_, *I* = _Istanbul_, *S* = _Spain_, *L* = _London_, and with the *A* and *M* being the first letters in the next two targets.

If that is the case then the *A* could represent _Amsterdam_ where the Dutch government have been conducting a trial of the murderer of the film maker Van Gough who had made a documentary critical of Islam. *A* could also indicate _Austria_/Vienna, which is the headquarters for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), that has been investigating Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Teheran does not welcome the investigation and they have been pretending to go cooperate with it. The Council of Guardians intend to silence Vienna.

The *M* could stand for either _Moscow_ or _Milan_. Moscow has been targetted and hit before and was recently threatened by another militant group in the Caucasus. Italy has been currently making massive arrests of terrorists and a lot of the arrest have been taking place in Milan, the New York of Italy. The *M* could also mean _Macedonia_ where the recent attack against a police station took place.

*M* could also refer to Marseilles, the French port on the Mediterranean.

Ed: Making predictions like this is a risky business because they can create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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