Crossfire War: Middle East; Tehran – New Defense Minister Takes Office

Night Watch: TEHRAN – In a ceremony Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar was officially introduced as the Iran’s new Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics. [ IRNA ]

Officials and representatives from affiliated organizations, companies, institutes and the former Defense Minister Rear Admiral Ali Shamkani also attended the ceremony and heard the new minister’s speech in which he stressed that accord, solidarity and progress at all levels will be given special priority in the Ministry of Defense.

That means Iran intends to maintain and defend her new defense aggreements with nations like Tajikistan, which has just received a 70-member delegation from Iran to attend the 4th Exclusive Exhibition in the captial Dushanbe.

Tehran, and its agents in Central Asia, intend to establish exclusive control over the region’s raw materials and industrial cooperation is required to maintain the new economic regime. The five-day exhibition began Thursday and 45 Iranian industrial and manufacturing concerns will display their services. The services are designed to control the essential levels of Tajikistan’s economy including investments in a hydro-power plant.

Former Minister of Commerce Mohammad Shariatmadari stated, “These good ties have an old record.” He described them as being “strategic and of great importance.” This is meant to be an example to the entire region as other governments witness the benefits of Iran’s investment and involvement in their economic future.

Though it was not stated in the new Defense Minister’s speech but there is a definite understanding that his mission is to defend Iran’s increasing hold over the region as opposed to the West-Russia. Beijing, since they have long played such a cruical role in the Islamic world’s military development, also stands to benefit from any economic decision made by Iran and its contacts. Access to Central Asian energy sources is being made more easy for China.

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