Crossfire War: Middle East; “Europe’s Mendacity Doomed Iran Talks to Failure”

Night Watch: JOHNS HOPKINS – That is the title of a recent article by Trita Parsi, Middle East Specialist at John Hopkins University, and published in the Financial Times on August 30.

In a lot of ways this is an excellent article especially using the term, “mendacious” to describe Europe’s position. Europe has no other choice since they unleashed fundamentalism by having the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini in exile in Paris and provided him with the communication assistance he needed to overthrow the Shah in 1979.

The negotiations never had any chance of succeeding and if the EU takes its proposals seriously it merely confirms my suspicions that Europe is very much in the dark and deservedly so. Even when negotiations first started more than a year ago established publications adimitted that both sides were talking past each other. Tehran knows that when its nuclear weaponry and the delivery systems are ready Iran will create excuses and reasons to use them and with the full blessing of the House of Saud.

Regular readers of this site know that it has consistently outlined Iran and the Islamic world’s preparations for all out war with the West. One of the Jihad’s priorities will be of course to silence Vienna and the EU. The West taking these circuitous negotiations seriously works to Iran’s advantage and guarantees an awkward military response when the shooting really starts.

I hope my response to her well meaning article reaches her and the organization she is president of the National Iranian-American Council. I also hope it reaches Johns Hopkins University, the EU and the Financial Times. For the past year I’ ve e-mailed the same critical analysis you’ve been reading even before I established this site last November, not to mention how many blink-tanks I’ve contacted and I think I even attempted to contact the National Iranian-American Council who of course is based in Washington.

I used to belong to an organization of link minded people, the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations and the wall of deception is very much around them. They refused to acknowledge this site’s most persistent theme the construction of the military base network for Iran by Bechtel Group via its London branch office in Hyde Park. These established institutions and their analyst deliberately ignore the history of current events. That would reveal the involvement of business interests they are investors in with the enemy’s military preparations.

They may not even realize who the enemy is. That is no exaggeration they can be just that out of it. London-Washington do not even realize that in Iraq they are protecting a government controlled by Tehran. London-Washington are actually in the employ of Riyadh-Tehran. The West still has, and is proud of its established tendacy to blame the entire Middle East crisis on Israel.

The established mental prison they reside in cannot make the equation of realization, one that would enable them to acknowledge the impact Iran therefore exerts on London-Washington’s decision making as they march to Iran’s agenda. In the meantime the EU deceives itself into thinking that their proposals are taking seriously by Iran. Last month Iran’s leading negotiator was seen laughing at the EU on Iranian television, admitting that Iran never really suspended anything.

So now the West is reduced to casting aspersions on Iran’s newly elected President. The only question now is what side has more contempt for the other. Both sides can call upon Albert Hakim, the Iranian financier representing Iran and who testified during the Iran-Contra Scandal investigations in Washington in 1987.

He is very much at the center, fulcrum, in a position to arbitrate between them, as he represents Iran and the Islamic effort to destroy the West’s ability to manipulate the Middle East. I assume he can still be easily reached at the Bank Melli’s office just down from the Plaza Athenee Hotel in Paris on Avenue Montaigne. I assume his office and salon might still be willing to give the West a sympathetic, apparently neutral, impartial hearing as he arranges deceptive backdoor channels of negotiations the West’s agents and diplomats can brag about and publish fool memoirs enhancing their role in the war.

Mr. Hakim could also let them know Tehran’s time-table for re-starting the war in the Balkans and perhaps also the scheduled missile launchings. In order for someone else to get through to the West, to assist them in realizing the enormous mistakes they made in calculating they could use Khomeini, one would have to break into their established institutions and identify with their imprisoned view. That may be the mistake of the National Iranian-American Council, which is why I hope they respond to my e-mail.

Entertaining the outlook of the highest levels of Western corruption causes one to lose one’s ability to maintain contact with reality. Embracing the established view of people who armed the Jihad is a waste of time and money. An unsound investment, the product of unsound thinking.

Their death will enlighten them.

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Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.