Crossfire War: Iran Offers Nuclear Weaponry to Islamic Countries

Night Watch: UNITED NATIONS – Iran’s President Mahomoud Ahmadinejad said his country was prepared to share nuclear technology with other Islamic countries.

Though President Ahmadinejad maintained the official line of developing nuclear energy for only peaceful purposes this statement is part of Iran’s strategy of deception. Publicly you reveal only a half-truth to create confusion in the mind of the enemy. What makes it easier for Iran is that the West and Russia know that if they confront Iran more obviously then they will be confronted with their own complicity in helping Iran develop its nuclear industry, so they try to believe in the illusion that this can be solved peacefully and diplomatically or if Iran uses its nuclear arsenal then Israel will be the target.

AOL World News actually had a photo this week of the secular President Ahmadinejad being briefed by one of the Council of Guardians, Grand Ayatollah Golpayegani, a peer and contemporary of Khomeini, on what Ahmadinejad should say when he arrives in New York. It is a reminder that the foreign policy, the Jihad, is being directed by the spiritual establishment and not just in Iran.

This act of generosity announced by Iran’s President, while meeting Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, will favor Islamic governments that support the Jihad. Damascus is probably first on Iran’s list to receive nuclear assistance. Syria is Iran’s oldest ally in the Middle East, having supported Iran during the eight year war with Iraq and cooperates fully with Tehran against Israel and the U. S.

Riyadh could also be a recepient of nuclear weaponry, if not already, since Saudi Arabia will also join the war against Israel, though like Iran it will not be a massive committment and probably will not involve the use of nuclear weapons against Israel but like Iran Saudi Arabia will be seen doing something in support of Palestinian people because they know that will be popular all over the Islamic world.

But Riyadh and Tehran also realize there is not much market for the salt in the Dead Sea, especially when you compare that with the economic potential of northern India. India will be the first target of the nuclear weapons the Islamic world possesses. Pakistan of course has them and last December Saudi Arabia conducted ground forces maneuvers in Pakistan. Tehran’s committment against New Delhi will match Iran’s effort against the West. Tehran definitely intends to silence Vienna and any international criticism.

Kuala Lumpur could also receive nuclear weapons since they have played a crucial and very proud role in the network that enabled the Islamic world to have nuclear weaponry. Malaysia could use them against either Thailand or Australia. As this site has stated consistently one of the Jihad’s economic priorities is to control the vast raw materials of Southeast Asia.

If Dhaka can be convinced to become the third front against India then they will be sent nuclear warheads or bombs also. In North Africa any nation except Egypt will be available and Sudan along the Red Sea. Turkey as well since they also intend to remove the foreign occupation of the Balkans and also want to see the Islamic world control the Central Asian economy in the post-World War III world.

The distribution may already have taken place or is currently in progress. Iran would not make the announcement far in advance and enable the Allies to intercept it.

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Willard Payne
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