Crossfire War – Iran Increases Nuclear Cooperation With Belarus

Crossfire War – Tehran – Minsk Watch – Eastern Europe Theatre: Tehran – Minsk/Moscow – Warsaw – Berlin – Washington; Tehran Sphere of Influence Around Moscow Increases With Nuclear Cooperation With Belarus

Night Watch: MINSK – As Moscow prepares to end the military standoff with Tbilisi in the South Caucasus, Tehran has established strategic nuclear cooperation with Minsk, capital of Belarus, the dictatorial, police state between Poland and Russia. Though Tehran will not be combating Russia as directly as Tehran will be attacking the West – India, Tehran is definitely working militarily with governments that are a serious obstacle to Russia’s emergence from the enormous corruption that caused Russia’s defeat in the first Chechen war, 1994-96 and also caused Russia to collaspe economically in 1998. [IRNA]

Though substantial reforms have been made under President Vladimir Putin it still remains to be seen how effective Moscow’s military attacks will be against Georgia and if need be against Azerbaijan, which also has security agreements with Iran. With Belarus under the control of President Alexander Lukashenko, who has hostile relations with both the West and Russia, ruling by Presidential decree, then Tehran immediately saw another government they can help arm against two of Iran’s enemies. No government uses availability more effectively than Tehran.

Iran Ambassador to Belarus, Abdolhamid Fekri has just stated not only will Iran help build a nuclear reactor in Belarus but the two countries will also establish a joint banking structure.

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