Crossfire War – Explosion in Downtown Pristina

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Night Watch: PRISTINA – Xinhua reports there was an explosion in downtown Pristina overnight that killed two people and so far has wounded eleven. No one has claimed responsibility, which almost certainly means Tehran in order to make certain war resumes in the former Yugoslavia, Iran’s avenue of invasion into Europe.

Tehran formed diplomatic relations with the six governments that emerged out of the divided country at the end of the Cold War 1990. When Iran established relations with Croatia in 1992, Tehran announced Croatia was Iran’s entry into Central Europe. Since then Berlin has sent to Poland Leopard tanks, Washington has sent Poland F-16s and Moscow has been helping Poland upgrade its Soviet era fighter planes. Tehran was aware war in this region divided more than Yugoslavia and resurrected old European hatred as old as European history in a region that was the flashpoint for the First World War 1914-18 and that everyone in this theatre hates Vienna even more than Tehran does.

I suspect Tehran had ethnic Albanians in the Serbia province of Kosovo set off the bomb. Albanians in Kosovo are attempting to become the seventh independent country and they do not believe they can achieve it peacefully. [XINHUA]

Vienna is where the UN agency is based that has been investigating Iran’s nuclear weapons program and Iran wants the investigation annihilated. That was the ominous hint made by the real leader of Tehran’s foreign policy, former President Mohammad Khatami. He was never any moderate otherwise Khatami would have had no chance of ever becoming President or even being in the government, but Iran’s Council of Guardians knew what the West wanted to hear, so they found someone photogenic and who could turn his deceptive beaming smile off and on like a light to project that enlightened image to give a misleading impression he wanted a peaceful “dialogue between civilizations”. However, occasionally Khatami hinted what the dialogue between civilizations he promoted really meant, an event war dialogue. One example was in September 2000 when speaking during the United Nations opening session he stated “2001 is the year of the dialogue.”

Another example was in November 2005 and was recorded on Khatami was in Vienna with his new title, Head of the Association of Combatant Clerics, a new office he was awarded after Iran’s Presidential election in 2005. A non-cleric was chosen to become new head of state because the Council of Guardians know during Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s term of office 2005-09, Iran’s offensive foreign policy would have run its course and it would be easier for Iran to make the transition from war to peace with a non-cleric, a man of the people type, as President.

But in Vienna the theme of Khatami’s lecture was annihilation, apparently of weapons of mass destruction, however if he had spoken more candidly he would have said Iran’s weapons of mass destructions will be used to annihilate Vienna in order to destroy the UN agency in the city investigating Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Assisting Iran’s effort to do so is one of the most important members of the Islamic military Axis-Turkey, which supports the Jihad just as much as Tehran only more diplomatically, as part of the Islamic world’s campaign of deception to deceive the West into thinking they are not cooperating with Iran militarily. Not only is Ankara preparing to invade northern Iraq, the Kurdish region, in a combined effort with Tehran, but also in February mentioned the disappearance into Turkey of an Iranian missile expert who is actually a high level military liaison officer between the two militaries for the purpose of launching Iran’s Shahab-3 missile and its nuclear warheads at Vienna. During the first Ottoman Empire, there was a siege of Vienna that was finally lifted by a Polish Count.

I suspect the other main target of the Shahab-3 is Rome because not only it is in the middle of the Mediterranean and a significant capital in the West, but also the Allies began to regroup around Rome because of the Rome Conference last year at the end of the Israel/Hezbollah war. Rome has begun to replace Brussels and its role in World War III is similar to London’s role in World War II.

Sulaimaniyah – “Iran has closed all of its five border crossing points with the Kurdistan Iraq region.” That was a quote from a spokesperson for the Kurdistan government in northern Iraq, Jamal Abdullah who continued, “We will contact the Iranian government to abolish this decision through our representative in Tehran. We will also urge the Iraqi government to contact the Iranian government.” This is a continuation of the crisis in Iraq Kurdistan that began early in the year as Tehran had Islamic units target Kurdish cities and politicians in northern Iraq to prevent the region from becoming not only independent but also a base of support for Kurdish separatists groups in southeastern Turkey and northwestern Iran. For more than a month, Tehran has been shelling Kurdish villages near Iran’s border with Iraq, something Tehran has just begun to acknowledge. [XINHUA]

U. S. forces in arresting an Iranian weapons agent who had been distributing improvised explosive devices and explosives that can penetrate armor have caused this latest crisis. The government in Baghdad, not surprisingly, supports Tehran’s position and that the crossings should be closed. Iraq’s Kurdish President Jalal Talabani has demanded an immediate release of the Iranian agent. Talabani has even stated the U. S. seized the agent without first consulting Baghdad. He said angrily in a letter to General David Petraeus and Washington’s Ambassador Ryan Crocker, “This amounts to an insult and a violation of its (Baghdad government) rights and authority.” The trap of Iraq is increasingly deadly, Ankara-Tehran do not want to see UK/US forces in Iraq active in other regional theatres.

Ankara – In a parallel development, Turkey is making more hints it is prepared to invade northern Iraq, which I suspect is timed for Iran’s invasion of the same Kurdistan region. In preparation, Tehran has had Islamic groups destroy highway bridges this year that connect Baghdad to northern Iraq, which makes it impossible for Washington send troops quickly into northern Iraq. In the meantime, a few months ago (June 1) northern Iraq’s security was transferred from Washington to the Kurdish Peshmerga, Kurdish militia forces that assisted Saddam Hussein’s removal and have since been abandoned by Washington. [XINHUA]

Addressing the enrollment of Turkey’s Military Academy, Land Forces Commander General Ilker Basbug warned, “…it is a fact that the developments in north of Iraq has given political, legal, military and psychological strength to Kurds living in the region as they have never had or experienced before in the past. We must be careful about the developments in north of Iraq as these may give some of our citizens a feeling of belonging to that region. The U. S. must understand that a solution reached without Turkey’s support in Iraq won’t be a lasting one.” The lasting solution Ankara-Tehran have in mind is an Iraq Kurdistan to be ruled by a Kurdish administration, which provides no material support for Kurdish nationalist groups like the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) or their Iranian counterpart.

Ramallah – Debka is reporting Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is the most recent leader in the region to express no real interest in attending the Bush Administration’s proposed peace conference in November. The first leader to publicly express his lack of interest was Egypt President Hosni Mubarak saying Washington had outlined no clear agenda for the conference. [DEBKA]

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.