Crossfire War: E.Asia; China – Spontaneous Combustion – Demonstration in China

Night Watch: BEIJING – In what has become a routine occurrence, Reuters reports, that a massive riot broke out in the central Chinese city of Daye, within the larger city of Huangshi, 370 m (600 km) west of Shanghai, after police dogs bit some pensioners who were protesting.

Angered by the dog attack a crowd of about 10,000 people converged on the Huangshi city government and party offices, smashing windows and property, as reported in the Hong Kong paper Wen Wei Po. They also ransacked government offices and attacked a police station.

A hotel employee, Li said there were rumors the demonstrators had been paid, “These people were really fierce. I think there must be someone or some group behind it, otherwise common people would not care about such government affairs.” Postings on an online bulletin discussing the riot denied the particpants were hired. The highway between Huangshi and Wuhan was also blocked by protesters and stopped traffic on a bridge. When “common people” realize they are being destroyed by official policy it results in fierce responses.

At least a year ago there was a rare television news clip of a demonstration at a factory in some industrial area, most likely in China’s northeast, involving laid off workers who were in extreme desperation. You could see it in their expression, a state of angry panic. This was not the intellectual dispute that took place in June 1989 in Tiananmen Square just before it was attacked by the military, this was something quite different and completely without fear of reprisals and consequences.

These are not isolated incidences. The Minister of Public Security has admitted that last year the nation experienced more than 74,000 demonstrations. This year will surpass that and force China’s military, the part still loyal to the Central Government, to confine itself to domestic uprisings. Before this year is over it is quite possible the military will begin to refuse to respond, in order for more of the Central Government, Hu Jintao’s authority, to collaspe to justify his being replaced by a military government.

This spreading revolution is being waged by displaced people as a result of official, established, approval of the abuse of power, corruption and the enlarging gulf between rich and poor along with land disputes. Irresponsible industrial development that has created enormous pollution problems, an everyday threat to health and agriculture is another desperate reason to demonstrate.

The government’s inadequate response is leading to an enormous nationwide breakdown.

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Willard Payne
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