Crossfire War – China – Pakistan Maneuvers Enter 2nd Stage

Crossfire War – BEIJING WATCH – South Asia Theatre: Beijing – Riyadh – Tehran – Kabul – Dakha – Islamabad/Delhi; Target India – Joint Exercises Between China – Pakistan Enter 2nd Stage – Command Post Exercise

Night Watch: ABBOTTABAD – Under the guise of conducting anti-terrorism exercises Beijing – Islamabad entered the 2nd stage of the joint military war games codenamed “Friendship 2006 that began on December 11 and due to end Monday. Pakistan obviously needs no help from China against Islamic militants. Both countries will benefit enormously economically if India is defeated in the next major war on the sub-continent and that is the real sense of mission of these maneuvers. The 2nd stage concentrated on: “operations in mountainous terrain”, command post exercise, exercises with troop, raids, cordoning, searching and annihilation. All of that will be needed and used when engaging enemy units, especially after some have been cut off and surrounded, annihilation of pockets of resistance. [XINHUA]

These joint maneuvers are also being held in commemoration of the 55th anniversary of Sino-Pakistan diplomatic relations, which were always based on India being viewed as a common enemy. Both Beijing-Islamabad have territorial disputes with Delhi and they know there is no chance to resolve them peacefully. That is why it is no coincidence these maneuvers are being conducted near Abbottabad just 50 miles west of the Line of Control, which separates the province of Jammu-Kashmir between India/Pakistan – China. Any military breakthrough by Pakistan-Chinese units could trap Indian units inside the province and prevent reinforcements from India reaching them. reported recently that since Islamic militants are now using Bangladesh to infiltrate into India, Delhi will not be able to concentrate its forces just against Pakistan. Tehran will also enter the war in a huge way and warlords from Afghanistan could also join it. Riyadh is still participating in three weeks of maneuvers with Islamabad in the eastern Punjab as they practice operation is desert areas. Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf visited them during the first week of this month. Beijing has long played a massive role in arming all of these militaries with conventional and unconventional weaponry. Delhi will make a stand somewhere.

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