Crossfire War: Britain Secretly Working on New Nuclear Weapon

Crossfire War – Eurasian Theatre: London – Washington; Britain Secretly Working on New Nuclear Weapon – Reliable Replacement Warhead in Cooperation with Washington

Night Watch: LONDON – This report from the Sunday Times, and carried by China’s Xinhua news service, is an obvious sign of the grave concern London-Washington have concerning Tehran’s nuclear weapons program. It indicates that, despite Britain Foreign Minister Jack Straw, calling for and trying to desperately believe in a diplomatic solution that can end the confrontation with Iran, London-Washington are preparing for the worst that they may secretly acknowledge is inevitable: That when Tehran feels it is ready they are going to launch all out war against their declared enemies and in support of people in Kashmir, the Caucasus-Central Asia and in the Balkans. {Sunday Times, Xinhua] reported recently that Tehran has publicly declared energy issues and control of them being the foundation and purpose of their diplomacy, therefore Israel is by no means a target of priority, much to the disappointment of the West. If Israel were the main target the West could sit back and pontificate, self-righteously and blame the entire Mid-East crisis on Israel, but Tehran realizes there is not much of a market for the salt in the Dead Sea. Tehran also wants to destroy the West’s ability to continue to play a major role in Mid-East affairs, a role the West has long been proud of and is one of the basis of the historical hatred between the West and the Middle East.

The linked article mentions that Britain’s research, in serious partnership with Washington, is being conducted by its Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston in South Britain. The project is developing what has been designated a Reliable Replacement Warhead and can be tested in the laboratory without being detonated.

I suspect Tehran is not going to wait for the project to be completed before they join the fighting on the fronts mentioned above. Tehran definitely wants London-Washington to be forced to commit more units to the Balkans reducing their potential presence in the Caucasus-Central Asia and severely limit anything they can do to assist India. That is the reason reported the announcements, and on the same Sunday from the Serbian news service B92 and Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency, that Iran-Serbia signed a security agreement just two months ago, January 23. Tehran knows that the EU’s – NATO – OSCE’s current decision making is now mostly targeting Serbia.

London-Washington have finally decided to invest more effort in the Allied war effort instead of the Axis war effort led by Tehran. It was the London branch office of the engineering firm, headquarted in San Francisco, that was shown on CNN the day after the Gulf War ended in 1991, that was invited to Iran in order to construct the military base network for Iran similar to the ones they built for Saudi Arabia during the 1980’s. Upon completion of the facilities, that house Iran’s nuclear weapons-missiles program, Saddam Hussein was then removed.

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