Crossfire War: Arab Web Forum Calls for Targeting US Private Corporate Jets

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Eurasia – North America Theatre: London – New York – San Francisco – Riyadh – Kuwait – Dubai; Message on Arab Web Forum Calls for Targeting US Private Corporate Jets – A More Exclusive 9/11

Night Watch: RIYADH – This call for Muslims to target private jet aircraft appeared on an Arab Web forum on April 13: “Destroy private American aircraft… We call upon all Muslims to follow and identify private civilian American aircraft in all capitals of the world. It is the duty of Muslims to destroy all types of private American aircraft that are of the types of Gulf Stream and Lear Jet and all small jet aircraft usually used by distinguished (people) and business men.” The posting then discussed how to identify U. S. airplanes and it then revealed the tail number of a plane used by the CIA. [Associated Press]

This message was not attributed to al-Qaeda (Tehran) but that’s who it sounds like, a more exclusive, private stock preferred version of 9/11, by directly targeting decision makers at the top of the corporate-ownership, board of directors world. That is the same world that has done so much to arm the Jihad. I knew that 9/11 was Tehran-Riyadh’s way of saying, “You have been paid very handsomely, thank you and goodbye. The attack is a return on your profitable investment in our war effor but we don’t want you serving the Allied war effort.” It was no coincidence that 15 of the 19 were from Saudi Arabia. Riyadh’s Ambassador to Washington, Prince Turki al-Faisal was head of Saudi intelligence until August 2001, that is not a position of ignorance.

The reason why the CIA-Pentagon cannot connect the dots and keep blaming Bin Laden, is because engineering services headquarted in San Francisco constructed bases for Iran similar to the ones built for Saudi Arabia during the 1980’s and were shown off during the Gulf War 1990-91. The day after the Gulf War ended CNN showed the London branch office of the San Francisco based engineering multi-national invited to Iran.

Regulars readers of know that this is the reason I suspect the private banker Edourad Stern was murdered in his apartment in Geneva early last year and reported on The New York Times mentioned Stern headed the British engineering firm Delta. I assume Delta took advantage of Britain having no embargo against Iran, the very same reason the engineering company in San Francisco went through its London branch office. On Stern’s level of society, its corporate- banking level, society’s highest level, he would definitely be in position to know where the most profitable operations are and he would be in a position to get directly, privately involved and it would be easy to make those contacts in Geneva.

The only military-engineering service that would have a chance of matching the enormous profits to be made in Iran-Saudi Arabia are now in Russia, through investing in and establishing the construction projects that are helping Moscow be better prepared to confront Tehran. Other than Geneva the best place to make that connection is Berlin or perhaps even Paris or Milan, which has also been a major investor in Russia since the end of World War II, by hosting Russia at its trade exhibitions since 1951. I suspect Stern chose not to wait for the improved opportunity under the Putin administration established by Berlin.

That is why sanctions and embargos accomplish nothing more than publicity, the illusion of doing something against an enemy government and its economy. With every corporate or state enterprise knowing how well the Jihad pays it would be impossible for an embargo to be effective against Iran. That is why I was so glad the French closed the Paris branch office of the engineering firm which was located at No. 38 Rue Bassano. Bassano runs into the Champs Elysees. I walked by the address in July 2002, the building was completely vacant. The French realizing the disastrous mistake of building bases for Iran-Saudi Arabia has kept them from being a member of the lost alliance, US/UK-flying the corporate flag of Halliburton (Houston), chasing the Jihad around Iraq and marching to Iran’s agenda.

Stern’s Geneva apartment was above a police station and had a lot of security. He lived alone and visited his family in New York on his private jet. There was no sign of forced entry into his apartment. Tehran may have had their agents get to him by having business agents, economic intermediaries pretend to consult with him in settting up new ventures with Stern not realizing Tehran was behind it and simply using the contacts to keep track of him.

With corruption being Tehran-Riyadh’s greatest weapon it is impossible to have an enemy more well informed than the Islamic Axis. They are on a first-name basis with their hated enemy. The best security money can buy may not even be enough. Some of the targeting of decsion makers in the U. S. may even go on after the war is over. The Jihad is getting personal.

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