Crossfire War: Al Qaeda Names Abu Hamza al Muhajir as Zarqawi Successor

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Middle East Theatre – Iraq: Baghdad – Tehran/London – Washington; Al Qaeda (Tehran) Names Abu Hamza al Muhajir (The Immigrant) as Zarqawi Successor – Reported to be More Violent

Night Watch: BAGHDAD – The Revolutionary Guards of Iran, headquarted in Bandar Abbas, have instructed Al Qaeda in Iraq to name Abu Hamza al Muhajir (The Immigrant) as successor to Zarqawi, the Al Qaeda representative who spent more time killing Shi’ites. That is why it is not surprising some Arab media sources stated Iran sent the U. S. intelligence information so they could locate Zarqawi and have him removed.

One of the sources Asharq Al-Awsat contacted in its investigation into Muhajir’s background was an Egyptian Islamist who said Muhajir is well read in Shariaa law, one of the founding fathers of Al Qaeda in Iraq and is more violent than Zarqawi. The head of London’s Maqrizi Center, Dr. Hani al Sibai said Muhajir is orginally from a country bordering Iraq, possibly Saudi Arabia. Dr. Sibai also stated Muhajir may have seen combat in Afghanistan, Bosnia or may have been involved in operations against the U. S. in Iraq. “No person will be appointed to head the organization or be its deputy unless they combine Shariaa knowledge and military experience.”

I suspect Tehran regards The Immigrant as a unifying presence, one who will not encourage division by attacking Shi’ites or rival militia units. Instead he will be instrumental in targeting either foreign occupation forces and Iraqi police-military units that attempt to work with the lost alliance, Washington – London. According to Dr. Sibai, Muhajir will first prove himself worthy by conducting a surprise attack against the U.S. For Tehran the timing could not be better. The attacks would take place just as the Bush administration is praising the new government in Baghdad. Any serious large scale violence would ruin the Bush administration’s attempt to place more of the burden of the war on Iraqi people. Iraq’s new military may dissolve under the pressure.

Despite any serious setbacks, the Pentagon is determined to conduct its withdrawal from the country even though Washington will be obviously seen as abandoning Iraq’s population and increasing Tehran’s presence. Iran’s growing presence will be regarded, not only in Iraq, but throught the entire Muslim world as a stabilizing influence, filling the vacuum of destruction London-Washington are leaving in their wake, their burning bridges foreign policy, that was designed to occupy Iraq’s economy flying the corporate flag of Haliburton.

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