Crossfire War: Ahmadinejad to Deliver Important Speech Tuesday Night

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Eurasia Theatre: Tehran/Vienna – UN – EU3; President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Deliver Important Speech Tuesday Night

Night Watch: TEHRAN – Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is to deliver a speech tonight on positive developments concerning Iran’s nuclear program,which Tehran deceptively claims is for peaceful purposes. The speech has probably already taken place and was to have been broadcast live on, the website of the Islamic Republic News Agency, the official news service of the Iranian government and a site linked to Crossfire War. It is possible C-Span may also show the speech since they aired the President’s entire speech in February on the anniversary of the Khomeini revolution. [IRNA]

President Ahmadinejad will no doubt make remarks the UN nuclear monitoring agency IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) in Vienna, will not wish to hear. The same goes for NATO and the three European capitals, London-Berlin-Paris (EU3), who have been conducting two years of futile negotiations as they pursued the false hope of convincing Tehran to halt its nuclear program.

I suspect the President will say how proud the Iranian people should be at the nation’s achievement, through its scientific community and thank captials that have played a crucial role in supporting them, Beijing-Pyongyang for example and that they also share in the joy of Iran’s accomplishment. The President may also state that the Islamic world should follow Iran’s example and that the nuclear program will benefit Islamic countries and people Tehran is working with as they confront the same enemies and defeat what Iranian political and spritual leaders have been calling for the past year – “conspiracies”.

He may continue to deliberately end his speech on an ominous note by indicating the real purpose of its nuclear program (weaponry), to support Islamic governments, like Pakistan and the people of Kashmir in their liberation struggle. Ahmadinejad may also make references to liberation struggles on other fronts like the Balkans, where Iran signed a security agreement with Serbia in January. Resumption of fighting in the Balkans, however the fighting resumes, will be Iran’s way of silencing Vienna. He could also mention the struggle of the people in the Caucasus in their war against the occupation of Russia despite Moscow’s massive assistance to Tehran’s nuclear program.

The speech could be Iran’s way of saying to Moscow thank you and goodbye. If Ahmadinejad wanted to be especially mocking he could also have thanked the servile and available engineering services in the West who also played a very willing well paid role. Ahmadinejad may have concluded by saying that they and the world will soon experience the full impact of Iran’s achievement.

Debka reports that Tehran has timed President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech to take place just 24 hours before IAEA Director Mohamed ElBaradei is due to arrive in Tehran. Debka’s article mentions that speech and remarks by Iran’s ex-President Rafsanjani to Kuwait’s news service KUNA, are a direct rebuff to the UN Security Council efforts to halt Iran’s enrichment program.

Whatever the remarks are by Rafsanjani and Ahmadinejad Iran would not be saying this so publicly if they were not ready for the world’s military response to this no matter where the attack comes from, Israel, US, NATO or Russia, even India. Of course Tehran is not going to reveal the full extent of their nuclear achievement. I suspect they deliberately understate the extent of their technological progress so as not to alarm the world even more than it already is now.

The international community won’t really know until Iran uses whatever they have manufactured either with the assistance from the international nuclear network Tehran has employed for the past 20 years coupled with Iran’s constant procurement of guidance systems. Crises that Tehran’s foreign policy causes and will join, this year, will provide Iran its excuse to show what weaponry they have developed.

NEWS UPDATE: MSNBC has just reported Tehran has stated it has 110 tons of uranium gas.

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