Bizarre Behavior from Andrea Sneiderman! Passionate Now, Cold Before?

I’ve changed my mind again. Andrea Sneiderman is not quite the person that I perceived her to be originally. More feisty, confrontational, perhaps capable of lying? Friday’s log of the trial, published in AJC, gives me the kind of details about her demeanor, on the day of the shooting, that were unknown to me heretofore. Her aloofness, dispassion, or downright chilliness regarding her husband’s condition (unveiled to the day care center employees or the hospital doctors and nurses) is suspicious.

The reason I suggest this, is that in stark contrast, day and night really, she undulates, throbs with passion in the courtroom now. So much so, that Judge Adams booted her out of court. Banned her from attending the proceedings, that are painting a very different picture of what may have happened back in November of 2010. Was Andrea in on a plot, a conspiracy to kill her husband, Rusty Sneiderman? Newest evidence points in that direction.

andrea sneiderman
Andrea Sneiderman is seen giving Shayna Citron (Andrea’s best friend at one time) an inappropriate hug in the courtroom.

Alright, so that’s a bold statement! But I know you are thinking it as well. One odd aspect of the Dunwoody day-care shooting trial, is that both the defense and the prosecution are portraying Andrea Sneiderman as the real culprit. A new twist I just learned, from reading a Dunwoody Patch article (Hemy Neuman Trial, Day 3 of Testimony), is that Andrea received $2 million in life insurance benefits after her husband was killed. Obviously, this throws up a red flag?

And tiny facts from Thursday’s testimony have me scratching my head in bewilderment. Other GE employees actually saw Hemy Neuman at the office after he shot Rusty, and said he was completely normal and calm. How could he act this way after killing someone, after returning a minivan rental and scurrying back to his office? This is a signal to me just how carefully he planned this crime out, including how he’d project himself to others around him.

And then there’s Al Harris’s (Neuman was also a supervisor at GE to Harris) testimony regarding a shiva held for Rusty at the actual Sneiderman residence (you may have heard that this troubling slab of real estate is currently up for sale) in which he characterizes Hemy’s demeanor. It’s as if his performance was scripted well ahead of time. Hemy was remorseful and sorrowful, even hugging Andrea at one point during the shiva.

Not that I need to see Double Indemnity one more time, but what the hay! Besides, Raymond Chandler wrote the screenplay and penned the omniscient voice-over narrative of Fred MacMurray, which is crackling crisp with drama and seething with insight into what might be going through someone’s mind, if they’re playing a role as a conniving murderer/murderess. Whatever parallels we may draw between this noir classic and a present-day Dunwoody case, is purely a recreational sport wrought with self-indulgence.

But boy is it fun! We hit a crescendo on Thursday, when Andrea inappropriately hugs Shayna Citron in the courtroom. Shayna exposed Andrea as a liar about not having an affair with Hemy. Moreover, Citron’s revelation that Andrea had prior knowledge that Rusty would be shot, that wasn’t had from employees of the day-care center when alerting Andrea of the emergency, is a veritable earthquake for Atlanta. Rusty’s dad caught it too.

Andrea knew ahead of time what was to go down. It sure looks that way, you know. Andrea ends her friendship with Shayna on Thursday. On November 18, 2010 no passion whatsoever. On February 23, 2012 burning with passion! *(You’ll want to read all of AJC’s coverage.)

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