Barack Obama America’s First Affirmative Action Candidate

It is simply amazing to witness the double standard being applied toward Senator Barack Hussein Obama of Illinois and against Senator John McCain of Arizona as they vie to become the President of the United States in November. In an age where the quasi-socialist liberal majority in the House and Senate pitch a “fairness doctrine” to ensure equal exposure to their opinions, their media cronies are anything but equitable in the coverage of the Republican and Democrat candidates.

After their shameful debacle in the 2000 election the press is eagerly attempting to recover their influence in shaping the outcome of an American election. Today the media has chosen Barack Obama as their man and something as trivial as impartiality, objectivity, or the welfare of the United States will not stand in the way of their man’s coronation. If my recent experiences are any indication, the media, with the help of a disloyal Republican Party, has done a pretty effective job.

A chance conversation with three pre-drinking age voters at a fast food place recently yielded some surprising answers to questions I’ve had related to the phenomenon called Barack Obama. These kids, for I am quite a bit older than they were, did not present themselves as stupid, uneducated, or flighty. Their conversation was about oil prices, how to conserve oil in order to save money, the evils of war, and the upcoming presidential election.

Unanimously the trio agreed that all politicians were untrustworthy and disingenuous. All three agreed that nothing would change regardless of who became president in November. Two-thirds of the group, the females, concluded that they would cast their vote for Barack Obama while the lone, deeply cynical, male said he simply wasn’t going to vote because it wouldn’t matter anyway.

Having listened to their deliberately public conversation I was compelled to ask, out of curiosity, why these young women would vote for Barack Obama instead of John McCain. The educated rationale given for choosing Barack Obama as America’s next President was a poor testament to the plight of Lydia Chapin Taft, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and the rest of the Women’s Suffrage movement. These young women concluded that they would cast their vote for Barack Obama because he is black, young and cute.

Drawn into further query by the inane triviality of their reply, and to keep in line with their existing conversation, I asked how Barack Obama would help to lower oil prices. No answer. I asked how Barack Obama would prevent the United States from being attacked on a 9-11 scale after our troops were removed from Iraq and Afghanistan. Again, they offered no answer.

Two days later I had another opportunity to discuss Obama. This encounter happened when I went to retrieve my mail at my rented postbox. I pulled my Honda CRV into a spot adjacent to a pickup truck with an Obama “O” sun rising over a patch of land draped with the American flag and a bumper sticker stating “Piss off a Conservative Think, Explore, and Learn.” As I waited on line for the attendant to retrieve my package the woman behind me asked if I owned the CRV with the “Liberals make me Sick” bumper sticker. I answered that the CRV was mine and for a few minutes we discussed our mutual distaste for liberals.

Two ahead of me in line, a forty something woman took offence to our low tone conversation and with a red face proceeded to blame conservatives for everything bad in the world. Naturally she said we were going to get ours when Obama was elected because he knew how to correct all the damage George W. Bush, and all us conservatives, did to America during his eight years.

Not to make a scene I asked calmly, with genuine curiosity and without any intention of agitation, “What was it that Obama was going to change if he were elected in November?” I was told “Our image in the world.” I asked “What is wrong with America’s image.” I was told “We’re seen as greedy war mongers.” I then asked “How so?” After several seconds I received no answer. It was her turn at the counter and the conversation was forgotten. Several minutes later I concluded my business at the customer service desk and found the liberal waiting for me near our vehicles.

Calmly she informed me that the reason Americans are seen as greedy warmongers is because we went to war over oil and did so without the United Nations authorization. I asked “If we really did go to war over oil, and now we have control of those Iraqi oil fields, why was gas almost $4.00 a gallon? Shouldn’t gas have gone down in price rather than increase?” “Greedy oil companies” she said. “But we buy 70% of our oil from overseas sources. We can’t really set the base price for oil if we’re not producing the oil,” I answered. Annoyed she left a trail of black exhaust as she drove her gas guzzling Ford F150 pickup truck out of the parking lot.

It is truly remarkable how far we’ve allowed our societies deductive mental capacity to devolve. Equally depressing is the sheer quantity of unthinking “kool-aid” drinking sheep that have been cultivated in our society. A child could pierce the marketing strategy of the Obama machine yet millions of voting age adults choose to blindly forgo all that is relevant in choosing a leader. Instead they place their hope, not in their own ability, but in an extraordinarily vague representation of “change” that is poised to further expand government, to curtail individual freedom, and to expand economic and social dependence on an all-knowing ruling elite.

By today’s media standards, and in today’s society, Jim Jones would have led millions of Americans to a cyanide Kool-Aid cocktail in Guyana rather than the 900 he murdered with his enticing quasi-religious quasi-communist spiel and charisma.

Barack Obama is the quintessential affirmative action candidate. Many that plan to vote for him, as if to satisfy some type of social obligation or quota, simply feel that its “time” for a black man to have a chance at the most powerful office in the world. Are there competent black men and women in the United States who can preserve our nation and continue America’s greatness? Of course! But whenever a qualified member of black American society seeks power he/she is dissected as not black enough, not honorable enough, not charismatic enough, and/or not liberal enough for the media and the democrat party.

What’s wrong with Michael Steele, Condoleezza Rice, Colon Powell, Alan Keyes, JC Watts or Thomas Sowell? Apparently the traditional standards of perceived experience, conviction, honor, truth, and integrity have been lowered even below those once required of the former first black president (Bill Clinton).

In politics today it’s important to have no political record to speak of and to offer ambiguous positions on key issues. It’s imperative to create good photo opportunities even if the giant crowd consists of German citizens who have absolutely no bearing in an American election. As if to meet some overdue quota, patriotism (or any heartfelt sense of allegiance to one’s own country) is no longer a requirement to lead the United States. Apparently to those on the left, and those who sip their Kool-Aid, the President of the United States should be more proud of his being born on planet Earth than his good fortune to be born a citizen of the nation he hopes to lead.

The phenomenon that is Barack Obama has proven that in today’s media-fed unquestioning servile society a candidate need only exceptional charisma, crafty speech writers, and good public relations people to coordinate photo shoots and smooth over the automatons faux pas in order to make a serious run at the Whitehouse. Would a white candidate be lauded by the media, not to mention millions of citizens, if his talking points were so vague, his associations so unsavory, or his platform so anti-American in nature? Would any white politician be elevated to such lofty heights if his experience was lacking and his designs for America were so socialistically oriented? Maybe so… provided that white candidate was a democrat.

Undoubtedly many black voters will vote for Barack Obama solely on the basis of his skin color and a cultivated sense of overdue entitlement. Many white voters will vote for Obama out of some misguided “sins of the father” sense of guilt or over the fear of being labeled a racist. Still many others will not vote at all because they are disgusted with the paltry offerings from both the Republican globalists and the Democrat socialists. In any event, one of these two men will be elected as America’s 44th President in November. The prospect for a sovereign America never looked so dismal.

Allan J. Ashinoff writes political opinions from his home in Arizona. He is the author of Shadows Live Under Seashells.