Are Terrorists Being Tortured?

The thing is, who do Americans care about more: other Americans or terrorists? It seems that terrorists receive more sympathy from some journalists than our own soldiers!

I read an article on the ABC news website describing, “Harsh interrogation techniques” that America has used to get information from the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

ABC received their information about the ‘torture’ from CIA officials who didn’t want to give their names. They believed, as I do, that the public should know what is being done to these prisoners. Fair enough.

Now let’s compare notes: A prisoner from Gitmo told ABC, “They would not let you rest, day or night. Stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down. Don’t sleep. Don’t lie on the floor,”


In my notes I have: Daniel Pearl’s head being sawed off and then being placed on his dead body. Remember now, Daniel was a reporter, not a soldier.

I read on the ABC website, “The detainees were also forced to listen to rap artist Eminem’s “Slim Shady” album.”

I don’t know how to compete with that. Except for that unfortunate accident about 5 years back when those planes crashed into the World Trade Center buildings. Listening to Eminem, or the wholesale slaughter of 2,800 people? Hmm… close call.

There’s a list of tortures that the CIA offcials told ABC about. I am glad to be able to read this information and you should be, also. Because, I thought that we were doing things such as, ‘Chinese water torture’ or the slices of bamboo up the fingernails trick. But, let me name a few of the tortures which you can see for yourself on the ABC website.

In the Attention Grab, the interrogator forcefully grabs the shirt front of the prisoner and shakes him. The Belly Slap is a hard open-handed slap to the stomach which is intended to cause pain. The long standing technique is… exactly what it sounds like. The prisoner stands for long periods of time exceeding 40 hours. In another technique, the prisoner is made to stand in a cell naked where the temperature is kept around 50 degrees. While he is chilling out, they douse him with cold water.

Once more. Compare those tortures with having your head, not sliced off quickly but, sawed off! I have seen it and… there is nothing to say. To hear and see Daniel Pearl, a man I had never met nor ever would get the chance to meet, screaming with all of his might for his captors to stop… to see a man murdered brutally; murdered by cowards who would not even reveal their faces, before your very eyes… Let me ask you this: If someone gave you a choice of dieing by the ‘appropriate method’, which includes (1) saw, (1) neck and the meeting of the two objects with the result being decapitation, approved of by so many people who just want to see the president out of office, or, you had to stand up for 60 hours. What would you choose?

I understand completely that Americans don’t want to ‘lower’ themselves by committing such acts. However, this world is a global community. Mohamed Atta could have been born is America and lived his life working as a fireman in Utah. Ziad Jarrahi, another 9/11 hijacker, could have moved to America and started a success restaurant chain. We are neither above nor below anyone on this planet. We are all humans. By acting as if, “We are Americans and since we are better than the rest of the world, we would not possibly commit the crimes that the terrorist are committing”, we will end up killing ourselves!

What do you think a military interrogator should do to get information from the prisoners he is interrogating? Offer him banana pudding? By simply asking him to tell you what his motives are? And what if the prisoner says, “I don’t want to tell you!” What then? The interrogator still has officers and soldiers fighting and dieing in the field! It is absolutely ridiculous that we have Americans fighting on the side of the terrorists! Calling these terrorists such things as ‘freedom fighters’ when they purposefully keep women subjugated.

The English Empire was the greatest empire the world had ever seen. But, during the Revolutionary war, England played by the rules because the rules they made always worked and made them great. America didn’t have to play by any rules; we were a newly formed nation. America defeated the greatest military power in the world simply because England was unwilling to try a new approach. Liberal women of America, does the thought of men forcing you into submission and forcing you to believe as they do, is that a desirable trait in a man?