Are Politicians in Nepal Deceiving Democracy and Draining State Treasury?

The Political system runs on basis of a thorough and correct analysis. The meaning of political analysis is to analyze the correct and wrong precedents in a political system and to find a right path. In Nepal nothing of the sort happened. In the name of democracy the leaders such as Girija Prasad became engrossed in power politics and used their position to drain state treasury. They deceived democracy and themselves. As per the agreement reached with the King on 24 April, 2006, Girija Prasad took oath of Prime Minister in accordance to the 1990 constitution in the palace.

None of the Nepali Congress (NC) leaders or democratic activists can forget that he had breached the agreement and institutionalized anarchy. Girija Prasad Koirala destroyed NC’s democratic norms and pushed the nation to the peak of retrogression. After Girija Prasad comes the name of incumbent Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai to take his spot amongst the sinners and traitors. In spite of his doctor’s degree he has no sense of nationality. He is more dangerous traitor than Girija Prasad. He shows that he is oath bound to work in the interest of the nation, but secretly accepts foreign intelligence agencies guidance to destroy Nepal’s identity. Due to which the nation is in danger of falling into an ambush.

After 2006 had Girija-led NC refrained from abandoning the nationalist and democratic line adopted by its founders B. P. Koirala, Ganesh Man Singh and Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, it would have emerged as a powerful and popular party of Nepal. But Girija Prasad Koirala, intoxicated by power and money, not only betrayed his party but also the nation. UML party was established at the joint initiation of Manmohan Adhikary and Madan Bhandari in 1990. If UML had moved forward sustaining the ideologies of its two founding leaders, it would not have rotten like this today. If the Maoists had not ditched the nationalist line to become Indian brokers they would have become popular communists. And then, Maoists, NC and UML are all blotch on Nepal’s political history.

Girija Prasad had been the seed to Maoists uprising but later he relied on Maoists’ and under Indian direction and support took part in the uprising. The Maoist party created its army during the insurgency. Girija hoped to gain power under the protection of Maoists’ army and in his blind venture pushed the nation towards the crisis. Girija’s daughter Sujata Jost (German citizen) embezzled billions under her father’s protection. It was not unusual that she without scruple supported her father. Some brokers who hold no value regards to nation’s independence and democracy, still praise Girija even after what has become of the nation. However, those who understand the nature of betrayal have calculated the ramification. In time the veil saving these corrupt leaders and traitors will be torn to reveal their identities.

Baburam Bhattarai used to blame Girija Koirala as initiating the series of acts of treason after 1990 general election. Girija ripped the nation economically and conspired against his opponents. In 1990 Janamorcha party had won local elections in many districts. It was intolerable for the regime led by the then PM Girija Prasad whom called a high level meeting at Baluwatar to counter the Janamorcha Communists. The meeting decided to attack those who gave votes to Janamorchaand Masal, those who had won and those who had lost the election as communist candidate. It was decided that all police administration and party activists would be informed not to entertain any complaints that was inevitable. As per this Kilo-2-Sera policy, cruel Chief District Officers (CDOs) and policemen were sent to districts.

In the beginning, the goats of these communists were confiscated, their wives were raped and activists were shot dead. This barbaric and inhumane act had started from Rukum district. This cruel oppression headed by heartless CDOs and policemen was concentrated mainly in districts of Rukum, Rolpa, Pyuthan, Ramechap and Sindhuli. The rate of killing and rape could not be estimated in these rural districts. In name of finishing off the communists many innocent people were victimized. During this reign the current lawmaker-2008, Jhaku Subedi was beaten and former minister of Girija’s ministry-2006, Amik Sherchan’s eye was damaged. In 1995 Baburam Bhattarai issued a strongly worded statement against the killing and rape. Then Baburam Bhattarai was known to be a patriot.

As the state did not make efforts to stop the serial killing and the situation took a worse turn. And Baburam started giving statements showing his intention of providing security for those being victimized. So Baburam and his colleagues became a support for the victims. On 24th April 1997 Baburam threatened in Lokpatra daily- After the reactionaries randomly started killing liberation people in name of fake conflict, the party was compelled to take a policy to destroy physically those found to be involved in killing the people and those working as spies. The party has adopted the policy of removing notorious killers, incorrigible reactionaries and spies, and others will be subject to simple punishment intended to bring them on correct track.’

Later this took the recognition of Maoist rebellions and people were killed everywhere. The insurgency started when NC, UML, Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), Sadbhawana parties were in government. Baburam Bhattarai after taking the degree of Ph. D. in New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University became close to Indian intelligence agency’s policy maker S. D. Muni. Today it has been revealed the Baburam’s conspiracy to destroy Nepal with Indian support and security.

During the insurgency time, Baburam Bhattarai was eager to meet King Birendra and later King Gyanendra taking support against NC and UML’s activities. Later he suddenly became a republican. What kind of multi-faceted person is he? On 6 June 2001, Baburam, under the direction of Indian intelligence agency, published an article in Kantipur daily, blaming King Gyanendra for the royal massacre. He presented imaginary and false logics to support his claim. Then he used to speak openly against NC leader Girija Prasad. He had become the architect of Maoists rebellion to rid the nation of the misguided rule of NC and UML. Now it is proved that they were only his showing teeth, in other word pretension. During the insurgency Baburam, whom had highly prioritized meeting with King Birendra, Dhirendra and Gyanendra, became supporter of republic under the direction of Indian intelligence agency ‘RAW’. His behavior after becoming the PM indicates by whom he is being manipulated.

In 1994, after coming to power, Madhav Nepal made many attempts to bring Nepal’s defense and foreign policy under Indian authority but he failed due to the presence of the power at the palace. The Maoists rebellion that rose against the degenerate rule of NC and UML has also crawled under their legs. Madhav Nepal was a devotee of King Birendra. During the ceremony of King Gyanendra’s accession to the throne he had shown his allegiance and acceptance by honoring the king by placing a coin near latter’s feet as customarily required. Madhav Nepal had participated in the King’s direct rule.

Later he started raising voice to turn not only Tanakpur, but Mahakali into a package for agreement with the Indian government. Although Madhav Nepal had failed to hand over Mahakali to India during his tenure in the government, during the premiership of NC leader Sher Bahadur Deuba when RPP leader Pashupati Shumsher was the Water Resource Minister, UML in capacity of opposition was successful in pushing for a Mahakali treaty. The UML Khadga Oli had said- ‘Nepal will gain profit of Rs. one trillion and 20 billions.’ (?) Modnath Prasit who had previously abstained from supporting the Mahakali treaty later saw this construction of a swallow’s nest-(house) from the south. He too gave his full support. This is characteristic of UML party.

Pashupati Shumsher had been prepared from the beginning. Girija had been a concerned supporter of India since 1991. To save his government Sher Bahadur used to do what he was told. Then Bamdev did not sign the treaty. Later during Bamdev’s tenure as deputy PM when the Indian premier I. K. Gajural visited Nepal, Bamdev-the traitor did not raise a word in regards the resolution motion of the Mahakali treaty. He acclaimed the treaty and proved himself to be an Indian slave. The fact is not to be disregarded that due to Mahakali treaty Nepal’s 47 % territory, i.e. 9,000 hectares of land, becomes inundated. Nepal profits only 5 % whereas India uses 95 % of advantage for its irrigation purpose.

Why should this Treaty be not called anti-nationalist? We, more than 78, former Members of parliament convention passed a proposal that the Mahakali treaty should not be signed without determining the border of Mahakali. We had informed the concerned authorities of our proposal. But no one took notice of it.

Political analysts must refrain from speaking without deliberation on the reasons that led King Gyanendra to take over the power in September, 2002. The king would not have had to seize power if the rulers and the opposition parties had not been corrupt. Due to their inter-party feud between PM Sher Bahadur Deuba and Girija, the ruling Nepali Congress, which held the majority, was compelled to submit the power to the king. The Indian and American intelligence agencies, European Union and Christian missionaries were fueled with false rumor that the king had forcibly seized the power. This was detrimental not only to the king but to the nation.

The declaration paper of NC, UML and Maoists was transformed into the Interim Constitution after breaching the agreement made on 24 April, 2006 with the king. The Interim Constitution is a sham. It will not formulate a constitution. Whether or not it satisfies anyone’s taste we have no alternative than to return to the 1990 constitution. We cannot give continuity to this controversial Interim Constitution. To persist with this constitution implies that we want to destroy Nepal’s existence. We must unite and in presence of the king make an effort in regards this alternative to save the nation and seek solution.