Are Nepalis Ready to Accept Maoist Terrorist Government?

I do not think the US can provide a sustainable solution for Nepal and Nepalis. But the US can play a significant role in thrashing out the Maoist terrorist and their desire to participate in this so called “democratic” political process. Since the US declared this group as “terrorist” they should not be recognized as a political party nor as democratic forces. The terrorist are lauded as heroes now. Their decade old campaign of terror over innocent civilians was overlooked by the inept democratic forces and the media. While such mayhem and barbaric onslaught was continuing for a while those democratically elected leaders were watching helplessly and blaming each other.

At last the King stepped in to stop the reckless political instability and immediately exercised clause # 127 as enshrined under the Nepali Constitution of 1990. This extra- constitutional right was given to the King, so that, during any such emergency like the one that was continuing, the Maoist rampant insurgency could be stopped. He did not overstep neither did he act as a dictator. As a patriotic head of state; he wanted to stop the course of spiraling down of the economic and political situation in Nepal. Unfortunately those corrupt political leaders, who had never done anything for the welfare of the poor people of our country started virulent negative propaganda about the King. The local media – those who were supposed to expose such impropriety appear to have been bribed by these leaders with corers of rupees to engage in negative media bashing against the King.

These political party leaders were only busy in fattening their foreign bank accounts and their moral values became so low that they did not hesitate to join hands with the Maoist terrorists who took full advantage of the helpless situation and successfully influenced certain segments of the population with their obsolete leftist agenda through sheer reign of terror.

Nepal’s Maoist terrorists successfully cashed in on India’s weak political situation protected from any Indian political intervention in the on going political crisis in Nepal. For centuries, India played an important role in the political process and helped maintaining Nepal as the only Hindu Kingdom in the world. But under Sonia Antonio Maino and her puppy dog Man Maran Singh’s regime, political thinking started to change rapidly from India’s national interest as good neighbor to personal Christian centric political agenda supported by the Communist thugs to change Nepal’s century old heritage as the only Hindu Kingdom to present state of banana republic like the way India is running now.

These terrorists do not have feelings of Nationality or love for the motherland. Their political allegiance is only with their obsolete economic and political thinking of equity of resources. But if the economy does not grow, the equitability becomes further diluted. With the lack of proper planning and absence of market economic forces like utilization and mobilization of resources that play a major role in fostering rapid economic growth. Even our northern neighbor China after years of experimenting with that obsolete Maoist ideology, has now embraced market economy to accelerate rapid economic growth and pull millions of impoverish Chinese out of the cycle of poverty.

Advancement and modernization of existing infrastructure, focusing on National economy by providing excellent opportunity to Nepal’s famed tourism sector and building ultra modern transportation networks, providing further development in trade and commerce services and utilizing efficiently human capital and other natural resources like hydro electric ventures and other natural capital like forest and majestic Himalayan mountain range are not in their agenda. Their way of advancement is how quick they can they loot and seize and destroy public properties to create terror and economic stagnation and that kind of helpless political situation to help them to stay in power while whole country goes down the drain. There is not any agenda on education, neither any caring for hundred and thousands of homeless innocent children who lost their parents and families during their unprecedented reign of terror.

Even after coming to power these Maoist terrorists are still terrorizing civilians and extorting business houses by demanding ransom money. This is sad that our hapless poor Nepali citizens have to tolerate such a corrupt system to live with peace and security until a better system can come and change the fortune of our country for our glorious days and throw them down to history as the most unfortunate, brutal and corrupt regime.

By Susant Sharma

External Writer
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