America Needs Hillary Clinton For President

United States President Barack Obama speaking about Hillary Clinton for the next President, said: “Hillary Clinton is most experienced presidential candidate in history. Look, I know how hard this job can be. That’s why I know Hillary will be so good at it. In fact, I don’t think that there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office.” [WaPo]

This balanced assessment alleged by the American President Barack Obama I absolutely believe with no dilemma to me as an American citizen. Therefore, I will vote for Hillary Clinton for the next United States President in 2017.

This official rating means that none better and with most competence than President Barack Obama knows political skills and national merits of Hillary Clinton. Therefore, already is obviously easier and more clear to understand that Madam Secretary Hillary Clinton is much better value than gold. Gold is good, but living in its place.

America needs human, brave, wise, smart, patriot, democrat and visionary Hillary Clinton. Shes the great national and political of proven value for 35 years. Since 1973, when she graduated Yale Law School (as 25 years old) Hillary Clinton started in advocacy of the Children’s Defense Fund in Arkansas.

hillary clinton in debate.
Hillary Clinton in first debate with Donald Trump.

During the years (1973- 1984) she was active in several groups involving education, child welfare and poverty. In 1977, President Carter appointed her to the board of directors for the Legal Services Corporation, a federal agency that provided legal aid to the poor. She was co-founder of Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families and she served as president and a member of the group’s board of directors until 1984.

She also chaired an advisory committee on rural health, served on a task force on infant mortality and chaired an Arkansas education task force. She chaired the Children’s Defense Fund board from 1986 through 1992. [Politifact]

Let go to vote for Hillary Clinton as the best choice for the next President of America in 2017.

Madam Hillary Clinton is the spirit and bright light of the America. She deserves to become the President because she’s the best choice for the American Nation. This historical chance should not be lost by American citizens be it democrats, republicans or other political parties because Mrs. Hillary Clinton is the most unified political figure that can bring together all political parties to make greatest, stable and prosperous America in all realms of its life.

So, let go to vote for her all together. She’s the best historic political choice for all of us. Trump isn’t a good option because he’s not qualified and proved himself not a fit and pragmatic politician. He’s without experience in politics of the United States.

Whereas Hillary Clinton is a proven Professor in Politics, Diplomacy and Justice with long experience as a state senator and a distinguished Secretary of the State. She has never stopped helping and fighting for justice, human rights, social solidarity and equality for all of us.

Therefore, I wish Hillary was my President. She has always, respected the Constitution, Law, and basic values of her own country. There’s no doubt Mrs. Hillary Clinton showed herself as a good wise and greatest state political leader.

Whatever say her political opponents, the honored Madam Secretary is the best one democrat, progressive and visionary state leader of the America. She has never fallen as a politician. I agree with this her balanced assessment when she said: “I’m a progressive, but I’m a progressive who gets things done.”

Mrs. Hillary Clinton is the heart of the Humanism, Progress, Justice, Equality, Solidarity Democracy and Peace. Follow and vote for Hillary Clinton if you want to find your place in history of the United States! I voted and, I will vote for Hillary Clinton in November because I believe in her, I trust her, I will uphold her. She deserves to be the PRESIDENT of the United States.

She is the most qualified person in the United States to serve as President. God bless Mrs. Secretary Hillary Clinton! God bless and long life my beloved and savoir America! There’s no doubt, she is more qualified than all the other presidential candidates. America needs Mrs. Hillary Clinton for President.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is basically a political figure in the United States and once became the Secretary of State of the U.S. She has the skills and experience to lead a multi-national and pluralist nation like is the United States. She is also honest in her words and deeds. The people of the United States of America need a change to see it’s first woman president of this nation.

America needs Madam President Hillary Clinton because she has showed herself (by concrete life example, not only by opinion as a great human, good and wise political leader respecting the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, law and fundamental democratic values of her American society. She deserves to become the First female President of the United States. Hillary Clinton is the Spirit of America!

In favor of the assessment that Hillary Clinton deserves to be the first woman President of the United States is also this conclusion of the famous American movie star Robert De Niro who endorsed Hillary Clinton, saying that : “She deserves to be president. She’s prepared. She’ll make mistakes. Everybody does. It’s a hard job, to say the least. She’s as qualified or more qualified than anybody else … Period.” [WLJA]

Simply, in a word, Hillary Clinton is the real value of humanism, justice and democracy in America! Shes a great political leader! America Needs Her! Shes the best choice for America.

Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.