America and New President Trump Should Support Turkey’s Access to EU

Refusing Turkey’s membership to the European Union (EU) would unbalance the state system of international relations because we know official Ankara has signaled its alignment to a new axis with Russia and China alliance. That would mean the withdrawal of Turkey from the Western European hemisphere (1945-2017).

This is the main reason Washington foreign policy and diplomacy officials should take urgent serious steps to influence their European Union allies (EU) to create the appropriate political climate for Turkey’s EU accession.

Otherwise the United States of America and European Union would lose their loyal ally ( of more than 71 years) Turkey, for economic and geopolitical rearrangement of the values of globalization and integration of the European Union (EU).

While Turkey is America’s ally and member of the NATO (1952-2017), well, why can’t they become a full member of the EU? The EU is not “religious club,” but political, economic, cultural, juridical, integrative, democratic, peace and transnational institution in favor of common equality, integration, free markets, free movement of people and creation of prosperity without borders.

Turkey: Erdogan talking about EU.
Turkey: Erdogan talking about EU.

President Obama, Yes Turkey’s Membership into EU!

How important is to push Turkey into EU as full member, this issue has been estimated by the United States President Barack Obama who visited Turkey in April 2009, among others, he said : “So let me be clear: The United States strongly supports Turkey’s bid to become a member of the European Union. We speak not as members of the EU, but as close friends of both Turkey and Europe. Turkey has been a resolute ally and a responsible partner in transatlantic and European institutions. Turkey is bound to Europe by more than the bridges over the Bosphorus. Centuries of shared history, culture, and commerce bring you together. Europe gains by the diversity of ethnicity, tradition and faith – it is not diminished by it. And Turkish membership would broaden and strengthen Europe’s foundation once more. Turkey is a critical ally. Turkey is an important part of Europe. And Turkey and the United States must stand together and work together to overcome the challenges of our time. [Source: ].

Sarkozy Versus American Concept

The weighted assessment of the United States President Barack Obama related to the necessity of Turkey’s access into European Union (that which comprises a common interest for EU and Turkey) has been challenged by the former President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy, who pointed out : “NO PLACE FOR TURKEY IN EU! Turkey is in Asia Minor. It’s a great country, a great civilization, but it is also a bridge between Asia and Europe. There is no place for it, this is something I have always said and it makes a lot of sense. Don’t get me wrong: I have nothing against Turks, we need them, they are our NATO allies.” [ Sputnik News ]

Donald Trump Should Support Turkey’s EU Membership

Donald Trump should support EU Membership for Turkey. This would be in favor of the vital strategic and complementary interests of both America and Western Europe. They would block the new anti-American and anti-European project so-called Triple Alliance “Russia-China-Turkey.”

Contrary the aversion and negative views of the European political leaders Nicolas Sarkozy and Herman Van Rompey, that Turkey should not enter the European Union, the United States of America headed by its the new President Donald Trump ought to insist the EU leadership accept Turkey in their structure because its in favor of the consolidation of the European integrative processes as well as the global ones.

Dissimilarly, Turkey’s isolation from the European Union, would cause major political earthquakes both in regional and global plans because such a wrong strategy by the European Union will stimulate and strengthen the unbundling of the unipolar system of international relations. This would mean weakening the United States’ role as the world superpower in solving acute international problems, crises and conflicts.

Neither America nor the European Union should lose Turkey, no matter what Nicolas Sarkozy declared, that : “NO PLACE FOR TURKEY IN EU” (2009) and Herman Van Romey ( Belgium Prime Minister (2004), then-President of the European Council ( 2009 – 2014) that “Turkey is not a part of Europe and will never be part of Europe. An expansion of the EU to include Turkey cannot be considered as just another expansion as in the past. The universal values which are in force in Europe, and which are also fundamental values of Christianity, will lose vigour with the entry of a large Islamic country such as Turkey.” [ EU Observer ]

These two political conclusions are unfounded because Turkey is not an Islamic state, but a secular one for a long time with the universal Western European and American democratic values and traditions.

This truth well documented by the assessment of President Barack Obama alleged on the Turkish Parliament in April, 2009: “Over 150 years have passed since those words were carved into marble. Our nations have changed in many ways. But our friendship is strong, and our alliance endures. It is a friendship that flourished in the years after World War II, when President Truman committed our nation to the defense of Turkey’s freedom and sovereignty, and Turkey committed itself into the NATO Alliance. Turkish troops have served by our side from Korea to Kosovo to Kabul.” [ ]

In light of the significance of Turkey as a multiple pro-Western ally of America and the European Union by years (specially by the end of the Second World War up to today (1945- 2017), America, immediately needs to pressure to its European Union allies to accept Turkey as their full member, as it did in 1952, when Europe was forced to admit Turkey as a member of the NATO’s alliance.

Otherwise the loss of Turkey will cost the EU most because it will be very difficult to overcome existing crises and problems such as Islamic terrorism and the flood of millions of immigrants from various countries of the Near and Middle East, as well as Balkans countries.

Tripartite Alliance Russia-China-Turkey will “exclude” EU from Balkans!

This expected new geopolitical, economic and military configuration of the Tripartite axis “Moscow-Beijing-Ankara” would unbalance not only relations of the EU, NATO and the United States with their Balkans allies, but, also it would impose the creating of a new multilateral international order which will substitute the existing the unipolar world order headed by the United States as the world superpower.

The rejection of Turkey from the EU could mean the withdrawal of Turkey from the US and NATO!

This very wrong EU decision would be a great strategic political and diplomatic victory for Moscow and Beijing against the United States and the European Union. First of all, Russia together with China will try to recover their former influenced areas in eastern Europe, Asia, Near and Middle East, Latin America and the Balkans.

Therefore, the primary question is why the EU integration challenges Turkey’s pro-Western integration (European and American) in the “family” of its 27-members, when it would be the largest bankruptcy of the EU, not for Turkey?

Such a delay is detrimental to the EU, in terms of political strategy, and in the economic, trade and integration sense.

Seen in terms of the strategy of economic and financial development and free trade, Turkey, with 90 million people, is richer than all the countries of the Balkans. Turkey with such huge economic potential, is one of the most important strategic partners for the EU.

Therefore, the question is where the logic is based on political, economic, and diplomatic integration of the EU, with Turkey refused membership in the structure of its 27-members?

What kind of benefit would the EU get from the other poor and undeveloped countries of the Balkans, admitted under its “umbrella” such as Greece, Bulgaria, Greek Cyprus when those do not earn anything? The EU needs to spend millions and billions of euros for credits, loans and other financial aid and investment in the name of their economic reforms and development.

What economic expediency, financial and trading has EU gained from the poorest Balkan countries in Europe, that so far refuses Turkey as the largest economic and industrial giant in the Balkans, calculated as “the 15th-largest nation in the world economy.”

The refusal of integration of Turkey into the EU will adversely affect the security and stability of Europe because it will result in the formation of detrimental blocs and alliances. The formation of the “Russia-Turkey-China” axis has already been announced, and this would not be at all beneficial for maintaining equilibrium of relations and cooperation of the EU with NATO and with the United States.