All Roads Lead Back to Shannon Gilbert in the Long Island Serial Killer Case!

“This investigation is not stalled. This is not a television show where everything is solved in an hour. This takes painstaking hours of detective work, forensic work.” Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer

The Long Island serial killer(s) case is excruciatingly fragmented. Clues come along looking like tiny pieces of a gigantic (gruesome) jigsaw puzzle. I didn’t take Richard Dormer’s words lightly, knowing full and well I’m as guilty as anyone in romanticizing the stark reality of serial killers. To underscore this transparent assertion, I observed the canny way in which detectives connected the dots on one of the more obscure victims.

It seems as if a couple was walking on the beach (Davis Park on Fire Island) one day back in April 1996, when they stumbled upon two severed legs. “The toenails of one foot were painted red and the right leg had 3 1/2-inch scar on the rear calf and L-shaped scar on the shin. The left leg had a 3 1/2-inch scar on the inner side.” (Long Island Beach Bones Tied to 1996 Remains – NBC New York)

DNA links this one off incident from 1996 to the monumental crime scene at Gilgo Beach, where some other body parts of a woman were found on April 11th. I’m must point out for you, the linking clues of this part of the puzzle are not related to the latest revelations of Jane Doe No 6, who now has been given a face.

Nor is this related to a deceased woman who has been identified as a mother to an infant also found on this gossamer stretch of a seaside highway, known as Ocean Parkway in Suffolk County. To top it off, now we have the male victim dressed in women’s clothing partially identified, with a good police sketch zeroing in on how he appeared when he was still alive.

long island victims

The cause of death for the male victim is blunt-force trauma, and he died between 5 and 10 years prior. This nut case has been doing this for a very long time and getting away with it. With cases going back as far as 1996, that’s 15 years that this has been going on.

long island women victims shannon gilbert

If Gus Colleti could provide the detectives with a good description of this man, I believe we’ll find the killer. Shannon Gilbert knew who he was, and was about to reveal his identify before she vanished. Please read this article (Who is the Long Island serial killer – CBS News?) from last July for a very thorough summary of the Long Island Serial Killer case up to this time. Then add the new evidence to see how much we have, this could lead to an arrest.