800,000 Illegal Aliens in California Could Vote After April Fools Day

Although the headline of this story may make this appear to be an April Fool’s joke, it is not. The state of California, which now has more Latino inhabitants than caucasians, has been handing out driver’s licenses to illegal aliens for three years, no questions asked.

It is estimated that around 800,000 illegal aliens had driver’s licenses, in December 2016, more than a year ago. That number is almost certain to be much higher, by now, but no official numbers are available. Two years before that, in January 2015, a new California state law, AB-60, allowed drivers licenses for anyone, who would not even be asked if they reside in the state, or if they did reside in the state, whether they were there legally.

Journalist Peter Chowka investigated the issue and just wrote about it at The Hagman Report.

Chowka writes, “Since January 2015 according to the California DMV, AB-60, a law passed by the California Assembly, ‘allows illegal immigrants to the United States to apply for a California driver’s license with the CA Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)’.”

Legal Californians are close to losing control of their state, and they may never get it back. Just three months from now, 800,000 – possibly double that number, of illegal aliens will be able to skew any election they desire to. Illegal aliens with a drivers license will not only be able to vote at the City level, and the state level, they will also be able to vote in federal elections and determine the U.S. President.

This is one big reason Democrats want to abolish the Electoral College. It is possible California, on its own, without needing the help of New York, could soon determine the result of Presidential elections, if they were able to abolish the Electoral College.

Is this hyperbole? Possibly. For this not to happen, illegal aliens would need to opt-out of voting, because of what will happen on April 1. From that day on, the DMV will automatically register to vote everyone who renews their driver’s licenses unless they opt out.

Mexicans are taking back California. La Raza was working on this years ago. Now there are multiple such groups, and reconquista is a distinct possibility. The democrat politicians were trying to destroy the state with stupid taxes then, and a small group of entrepreneurs tried to stop them. That effort succeeded for a few years, but the democrats never gave up, and now it is much worse.

Conservative and libertarian Californians are already lamenting the loss of their state. Many have already exited. How long will it be before legal democrat voters notice their beautiful state has been turned into a shithole? If they wait until then before deciding they don’t like that, it may be too late to change.

The Oxford English dictionary defines shithole as a vulgar slang noun, which means “an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place.” It will not be pleasant. Americans can thank Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama for this gift.

A Wall across the southern border may be completed in a few years. Walling off California might be next to impossible.

border wall prototypes.
Border wall prototypes.

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