Wedding News You Need To Know About

Over the years, weddings have managed to remain a staple of modern life. Marriages have definitely changed somewhat over the years, but they’re still very important for most couples. In fact, there is a good chance that most people will want to get married at some point or another. This is why consumers across the country get so excited when they hear about their favorite celebrities getting wed. Just recently there has been huge wedding news and consumers will definitely want to know about it. More about the news will be explored in greater depth below.

First and foremost, it has been announced that two Bachelor in Paradise stars were planning their television wedding before rumors of cheating surfaced. Consumers who watched the Bachelor in Paradise show undoubtedly fell in love with Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball. The couple managed to hit it off and they were really the stars of the show. It was reported that the two were going to be wed on television. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen now. Reports indicate that they were even looking at Whitefish, MT wedding photographers and nearby venues.

It has been reported that Jenna cheated on Jordan. Text messages between Jenna and another man have surfaced. Jenna claims that the text messages are bogus. Nevertheless, it looks like the couple’s romance has stalled completely. There is a possibility that the wedding will be stopped now. In royalty news, it has been reported that Princess Eugenie has been working hard to plan her two-day wedding. In fact, the Princess has hired the Beckhams’ party planner to sort everything out. The event is scheduled to take place on October the 12th. The Princess and her fiancé, Jack Brooksbank, will be tying the knot at the famous Saint George’s Chapel.

This is the same location where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married. Princess Eugenie is expected to have a much bigger wedding too. While Harry and Markle only invited 600 people, Eugenie and her future husband will invite more than 850 individuals. Plus, the event is going to span over two days! Fans of the royals will definitely want to tune in to watch the crazy event. Meanwhile, two grooms have stolen the spotlight by dressing up for their wedding. Newlyweds Jason and Garrett decided to have some fun for their wedding. They dressed as characters from Toy Story. One wore a Buzz Lightyear outfit, while the other one dressed as Woody. The touching wedding has won hearts across the country and abroad.

Meanwhile, a woman in Chicago has made news for her generosity. The Chicago nurse has decided to give her unused wedding dress to someone in need. She gave her dress to a woman who is currently battling breast cancer. The recipient of the gift is planning her wedding, which should take place in 2019. The nurse, Jessica Leja, pitched the story to her local newspaper. They ran with it and the story has spread across the nation. It is definitely one of the best wedding news stories to hit the country in a long time!

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