The Billionaire Video Game Market and the Growth of Minecraft

It might not come as a surprise but the video game market today is worth billions of dollars.

Video games have risen to incredible fame and popularity over the last few decades. Games such as Minecraft and others have also experienced a huge rise in their customer base.

The truth is that Minecraft is one of the most renowned games in the world today. It is surprising how much people have gotten to adore this game and how many in the world play it today.

In 2016, it was estimated that the value of the game market in US was about 17.69 billion dollars. The video games market, on the whole, then had a valuation of $75 billion USD.

Physical video games have lost their demand while video games that play on PCs and consoles have risen in fame. There’s also a striking difference in physical video games demand and digital video games demand between 2009-2016. Previously, the former was important and today, the latter is more used.

Gaming companies today are raking millions and billions from people because their games are so popular. The gaming market today, is worth billions, and popular games such as Minecraft have met fame and fortune because of immense growth in the last few years.

Growth Of Minecraft

Minecraft did not rise to fame overnight. In fact, the game took its time and with time, it rose to immense popularity.

Minecraft has grown due to many reasons but one of the major ones has been the roll out of Minecraft Mods.

See, Minecraft today has always and regularly been graced by these mods that make the game more interesting and more playable.

There are so many mods today for the game that can be used to further enhance your gaming experience. Nobody likes messed up graphics, nobody likes loose ends and everybody wants to play their game in the best graphics and at the best speed.

Minecraft is one game that has gotten so popular because it has kept with its high demand. People now look forward to the game because they know that the Minecraft Mods are going to make it better and better.

As of 2017, the number of active players on Minecraft was 55 million, which was a 15 million increase from 2016.

These statistics show that Minecraft, developed by a Swedish game publisher Mojang, has had yearly increases in its number of active players, show casing how popular Minecraft has become. It also shows how much the game has grown on a year on year basis.

Minecraft has seen tremendous growth over the year and there is no reason to believe why this trend won’t continue in the years to come as well.

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