Twitterstorm: Jill Stein’s America, Modeled on Castro’s Cuba

Jill Stein today showed her true colors, of what she would do for America as president. Her tweet issued after the death of Fidel Castro was “Fidel Castro was a symbol of the struggle for justice in the shadow of empire. Presente!”

Many people responded by liking the tweet, but many more responded negatively. The most prominent being Katie Pavlich, Townhall editor, who said “And by the way @DrJillStein, you’re free to move out of the United States, the ‘shadowing empire,’ and to Cuba at anytime.”

Some commenters appeared to have voted for Stein in the presidential race, and some may have donated to her campaign.

jill stein's castro tweet.
Jill Stein’s Castro tweet.

One said “I’ve tweeted one or 2 mildly friendly things about Jill, but this is nuts. Deep down hard core left is nuts.” Another said “doesn’t it make you wonder what sort of ‘doctorate’ she has … given her extreme ignorance?” and another, “Now I Wish I never voted for you…& I want my $ back! I did not donate to you for this!”

PA senator Daylin Leach tweeted “@DrJillStein My God. He was a brutal dictator who had one of the worst human rights records ever, and never faced an election. #FidelCastro”

There were word battles between leftist Castro lovers and haters.

“u’re against fact Cuba trained & exported doctors/medicine 4 free all over the world to poor countries despite U.S. embargo?” This drew the response “you can’t make a wrong right with a right! He was evil and nothing he did would change that.”

People whose family escaped from Cuba weighed in, too. “that’s what I thought … I asked because my family lived it. My cousin saw her father executed for saying no”

One of the interesting things to see here is that no matter what your position on Castro, socialism or communism, in the USA, you are free to voice your opinion. Under the yoke of socialism/communism in Castro’s Cuba, you never had that right, and many people died for trying.

During the Castro regime, there were 3,615 documented deaths by firing squad. Most of those happened early in his campaign, but they continued for decades. Che Guevara had a hand in 100 of those. Raul Castro was also involved in firing squad executions, documented here.

There were an additional 1,253 extrajudicial killings and tens of thousands died trying to escape Cuba.

Americans may now be thinking they are lucky Jill Stein has so few supporters, and that some who voted for her are shocked by her position.

Alan Gray
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