Facebook Open to Everyone

Since 2004, Facebook was a social networking site for only college students. Now four years later, its membership has continued to increase to over 40 million members. Not only is Facebook still for college students, but it is also now for teens and adults of all ages.

Web experts are predicting that the site will be reflecting the Internet demographics. Recent surveys such as the one from the Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that 70 percent of people ages 50 to 64 roam happily online.

No matter where they are, Facebook gives people the opportunity to stay in touch with their loved ones as well as making new friends all over the world and reconnecting with those they haven’t seen since grade school, high school, or college.

The site gives others a chance to network such as events or promote oneself, but also become fans of their favorite actors, musicians, athletes, and so on. Another good factor about Facebook is that people can support candidates like Barack Obama as well as join or create clubs similar to their interests and beliefs like their favorite movies, television shows, etc.

For instance, groups such as “1,000,000 AGAINST THE NEW FACEBOOK LAYOUT!” and “Petition Against ‘the New Facebook'” have users not liking the upcoming changes and layouts Facebook has been planning to make. But so far, responses have been mixed; some want the new look, while others don’t.

“This is so stupid”, Claudia Baker of Eugene, Oregon wrote on the wall on “1,000,000 AGAINST THE NEW FACEBOOK LAYOUT!”, “and before they gave you an option of which Facebook layout you liked the best. Why can’t they just keep it that way!?”

Sarah Taylor, a 43-year-old Maryland mother, joined Facebook to watch over her children. She recently started a group there called “Born in the 60s”, which has over 10,000 members and counting.

“We are showing the world that not only do we know about Facebook”, she said, “but we are actively using it!”

For more information on how to sign up, go to Facebook online at www.facebook.com.