Armand Peri Discusses Art, Architecture, and Inspiration at Art Basel

Armand Peri Discusses Art, Architecture, and Inspiration at Art Basel 1Art Basel is a premiere international art fair held annually in Basel, Switzerland; Miami Beach, Florida; and Hong Kong. The Miami Beach Art Basel experience brings in heavy hitters from the celebrity world, including names you probably know all too well, like Leonardo Di Caprio, Kanye West, Lenny Kravitz, Paris Hilton, Serena Williams, and Armand Peri.

Armand Peri is a Jack-of-all-trades on top of his game. From owning and operating several nightclubs in 18 cities across the country to becoming a champion bodybuilder, Armand Peri has a few other titles under his hat as well, including executive, entrepreneur, real estate investor, motivational speaker, architect, and artist.

Armand Peri Discusses Art, Architecture, and Inspiration at Art Basel 2Peri believes that art and architecture work hand in hand to help people, “Look at something in a very exciting and totally different way.” He went on to say that finding inspiration from the simple and beautiful things all around him makes him happy and offers him inspiration.

This year’s Art Basel represents Peri’s first time to attend though he has definitive plans to return next year and hopes to showcase his own art. Peri began painting at an early age and has won quite a bit of acclaim as an artist and painter, winning competitions on state and national levels.

While most people only hear about the major celebrity appearances that occur during Art Basel, there is a higher purpose to the event which allows widely known and emerging artists to showcase their works for patrons around the world to view. The first day of the event, which takes place in December each year, is by invitation only with the remaining days being open to those who wish to attend. The event draws 70,000 people, each year, to Miami Beach and showcases works from more than 250 worldwide galleries.

It’s no wonder that events like Art Basel are moving beyond celebrities to attract successful entrepreneurs and executives, like Armand Peri, to the event. The 2019 show is set to take place December 5 – 8, 2019 with 2020 and 2021 shows taking place December 3 – 6 and December 2 – 5 respectively.

Even if you’ve never attended Art Basel before, it’s an exceptional opportunity to find yourself rubbing elbows with powerful artists and executives, like Armand Peri and a handful of your favorite celebrities. Visit one of the upcoming event to see for yourself, while exploring art from some of the most brilliant artists across the globe.

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