Science and Religion

Since the beginning of time man has asked this one question” Is there really a God? If you believe in the Lord then I’m sure you believe in the bible.

Then you know the story of the creation of the world, plants animals and all living things. In the book of Genesis a person might have a difficult time understanding the creation of this world.

Especially after the great discoveries of science which show that man was living on the earth thousands of years before Adam and Eve.

It seems very confusing and develops in people to view the bible as a book of fiction or a book assembled with fables, camp fire stories, fantasies, and wild imaginations and makes it seem unbelievable…

The world is difficult enough that those who do not believe seem to be justified in their appraisal of religion. Darwin started the real increase of doubters and it has escalated over the years.

Science seems they want to prove that the bible isn’t true or at least make their point about life on this earth was not as illustrated with words in the bible. We saw the Mammoths being found in Siberia and undigested food in their stomachs.

Their flesh was frozen but the Russians found a use for it, they ground it into hamburger and sold it as dog food.

The alien theory about pyramids in South America and Mexico certainly casts another light on the religious convictions of the Bible Believers.

Those Temples and structures, built with huge granite bricks weighing thousands of pounds, had to be cut with some mysterious machine and put into place with power beyond even what is in use today. So where does it stand today with religious followers and the new science of this 21 century?

If Adam was the first man on earth and if that is a fact, then how does all the other civilizations that lived on this planet earth fit into the scheme of things? For simplistic sake let us ask this question.

If Adam and Eve were not the first or second but was the third generation of man whom God allowed to live on this planet, what difference does it make to us? The generation we live today is our time to live and prove ourselves to be worthy to continue on our journey into eternity.

This planet has existed longer than 7000 years and that is a fact so why don’t we realize we are not the only children of God. How many Adams or Henrys or Phillips were there before we came on this earth to live and inhabit this beautiful planet?

Why would a god build a world just for one generation to live and inhabit it? Would logic tell us it has been used before we arrived? Would it be very intelligent for a person to build a 20 story apartment and use it only once?

We look into the heavens and see millions of stars and realize God’s creations are many and we are not alone in this universe. What else and who else lives on other planets?

Would God allow others who live and interfere with our time and station on earth? No He is our God and no other God is allowed to interfere, if there are other gods. He states this very clearly, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Does He tell us something with this commandment?

Have you ever wondered if there were other gods? Why must we always put limitations upon our understanding about deity? If there are other gods what difference does that make to our living on this world and understanding we are not alone; but we are one of many planets who are homes for others like us.

How did those great structures in Egypt get built? How did those many structures in South America and Mexico get built?

If faith can move a mountain can faith do other things beyond our understanding? Why would Jesus tell what Faith is capable of accomplishing? One problem with Christian Religions’ seems they don’t want to explore the truth but would rather keep their God mysterious.

Should God be so mysterious that we don’t want to know about him because of our fear? Maybe those early Christians took liberty to alter some of the writings of Christian belief and either omitted them or just changed the wording somewhat.

Those who built these edifices may have had more intelligence than we do at this time. They may have had knowledge and abilities we haven’t or can’t figure out or understand. This thought may seem speculative but not as weird as aliens who visited this earth and left us these great structures.

If we are not the first generation of man to live on this planet; what other skills and knowledge did the other generations obtain that we have yet of discover or develop?

The real fact exists that is someone did construct these great structures and had the knowledge to build them. Do I believe they were aliens? No this person believes they were built by man. What man or generation of man? This not my concern only that they were built by man.

I have no idea but my faith remains true to God and what he has revealed but there is more for us to know and to become complete in our understanding. There is a God and a Jesus Christ the son of God, that is what I know and only what I testify of to my fellow man.

It may be a mystery but remember a mystery is a miracle. A miracle happens when it can not be explained, that is a miracle. Is beyond our understanding.

The answers may not be available at this time but if faith can move a mountain can it be used to just build one? Think about it. (NT Mathew 17:20)

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.