INSPAD Initiates Long-Awaited “Harmony Council”

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Think Tank to work on interdependencies between interfaith communication, social justice and extremism.

Harmony Council logo.
Harmony Council logo.

Islamabad, Pakistan, August 21, 2016 – Today it is with great pleasure we announce the forming of the INSPAD Harmony Council (IHC), which is an important sub-committee of the Institute of Peace and Development.

The Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) is an International non-governmental organization incorporated in Brussels and registered in Islamabad, with Special Observer Status at the United Nations. INSPAD is dedicated to providing critical and non-partisan perspectives in five main areas: Peace Dialogue, Human Rights, Conflict Resolution, Religious Co-existence, and Women Empowerment.

“The work of the IHC is an exciting step as the members of the Council hail from the global community with expertise in business, academia, activism and social justice. The Harmony Council was formed to work on bridging religions, faiths, and resolving conflicts and misunderstandings. We will put our effort towards developing strategies that will contribute tangibly to peace and harmony.” – Mr. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, Secretary General

The purpose of the Harmony Council is to look at problems, evaluate strategies, and present “Best Practice” solutions that consider culture, social and economic issues. We have placed interfaith communication and extremism as a priority. In today’s dangerous multi-cultural world, “Peace, Harmony and Inclusion” are dependent upon the global community understanding each others’ similarities and respecting their differences; Developing community understandings is a major step towards reducing extremism.

“It is the belief of the “Harmony Council” that all people of all religions must be free to come together with an open heart and mind, to promote equality amongst everyone wishing to live peacefully regardless of their religion or personal choices.

Every member of society has the right to live without fear of extremism or violence from their neighbors and community. If a citizen must make a call for assistance, they must trust in the men and women designated to protect them locally and nationally.”

Harmony Council Elected High Officers

The elected high officers of the Harmony Council are as follows:

  • Mr. Stuart W. Ross of Canada. Selected as the first Chairman of the Harmony Council. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Governors of INSPAD and Ambassador for Peace. Mr. Ross is also a reputed international humanitarian, philanthropist, intellectual and businessman.
  • Mr. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum (Pakistan) will act as Harmony Council’s Secretary General. Mr. Tabassum is the Founder of INSPAD, and served as its Global Goodwill Ambassador. He was previously the advisor for Human Rights for Prime Minister Azad Kashmir. Mr. Tabassum is a writer and speaker of note.
  • Ms. Kimberly Jones (USA) First Chief Executive Officer is also an intellectual, writer, reputed peace activist, and President of Global Atlantis LLC. Ms. Jones is a speaker on interfaith communication. She is an expert resource on human rights in conflict zones, in particular, Syria.
  • Colonel Azam Aadir (Pakistan). Elected Senior Vice Chairman of the Harmony Council. He is an author and writer, a senior military historian, and a peace activist.

The Harmony Council will manage a Leadership Core Committee of 21 members which will include sub-committees covering subject matter including urgent topics such as interfaith communication, extremism, youth development, and education. We invite the global community to inquire about our activities, programs and how to collaborate.


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