Trying To Normalize Illegal Aliens

Impeachment is the likely outcome of an investigation of the Obama Administration’s refusal to enforce Federal immigration laws and secure America’s borders (Obama’s Constitutional duty as Chief Executive).

Even Republicans who support legalization say the nation’s borders must be secured before illegal immigrants are placed on a path to citizenship.

Legal Resident Benefits

Inflow of new Legal Permanent Residents come from over 10 countries. From 1991-2000, there was 9,095,000 legal immigrants-24%> than previous 10 years. Last year, legal immigrant influx was 1,042,625 [Office of Immigration Statistics], more than all other country’s influxes combined.

Approaching Storm Kansas
A thunderstorm appears to be on a collision course with a crescent moon in this photo of the Kansas sky. The ancient Greek god Zeus was said to control lightning, but today we know lightning comes from a difference in electrical charge between clouds and the ground or among clouds.

Photograph by Joel Sartore, National Geographic

Family reunification accounts for 2/3 of this legal immigration every year. Why should Americans tolerate entry of illegals-many, drug smugglers and terrorists-when millions of legal immigrants endure the hardships for acquiring advantages of American citizenship.

Notable immigrants include: Mario Andretti, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Alexander Graham Bell, Irving Berlin, Andrew Carnegie, Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein, Patrick Ewing, Enrico Fermi, Greta Garbo, Alfred Hitchcock, Bob Hope, Harry Houdini, Henry Kissinger, Ricardo Montalban, Hakeem Olajuwon, Sidney Poitier, Joseph Pulitzer, Knute Rockne, Carlos Santana, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Levi Strauss, Rudolph Valentino, and Baron von Trapp.

Sequestration Craw In Obama’s Throat

Surprisingly, Rush Limbaugh (EIB Network (4/26/13)) revealed 40% of illegal aliens are not Mexicans.

Securing the border is suffering a serious setback to block illegal immigrants, drug smugglers and terrorists. On 3/2/13, Border Patrol’s normal 10-hour shifts were cut to eight. The cuts accounted for $754 million in ‘Obama’ mandated spending reductions for the agency because of Obama’s failure to reach an agreement preventing sequestration.

Senator John Cornyn (former Texas Attorney General) was outraged over Janet Napolitano’s sequestration response, which included overtime cuts/ furlough notices to Border Patrol agents, leaving “portions of our borders unmanned for hours at a time.” He said taking $3.1 billion in cuts would eliminate over 5,000 Border Patrols. Sequestration is bad news for Americans who rely on Border Patrol agents risking their lives daily.

This administration’s release of thousands of illegal-alien criminals from detention due to ‘conceived’ budget cuts is being called “an impeachable offense” by Limbaugh (highest-rated radio talk-show host). Limbaugh explained Saddam Hussein’s actions: “He just opened the doors to his jails and he let every reprobate that he was holding loose. He created total panic and havoc in Baghdad and throughout the country.”

Obama’s doing the same thing.

Sequestration ‘cuts’ are only 2-3% reductions in the increases taking place in all budgets. Broadcaster Limbaugh continued: “This is action being taken against the country…it is petulant, it is childish.”

Since February, AP reported more than 2,000 illegals facing deportation were released-with 3,000 more in March. Prison floodgates have been thrown open under the phony pretense of abiding by sequester “cuts” which are just reductions in spending increases-Obama’s attempt to inflict pain on Americans regarding the sequester. But he’s panicked. Sequestration isn’t causing the chaos Obama guaranteed, and he’s been mislead about his disingenuous assertion every government program is necessary.

Border Security includes thirteen different methods for increasing security. Promised, but not fulfilled, border security needs the “verify” ability included, with all immigration reform agreements. Presently, we are clueless as to who crosses our border, who overstays a visa, and if an illegal worker leaves as scheduled. We don’t even know how many illegals use the temporary guest-worker program.

Cost Of Illegals In America

Representative Steve Stockman (TX) describes the problem: “The crush of illegals have bankrupted local governments, shut down hospitals, overwhelmed schools and crashed local economies, hurting largely Hispanic citizens.”

Illegal immigration supporters believe they’re the ultimate humanitarians, but never consider the budgetary impact of illegal immigration. The economics of undocumented immigrants in US includes the cost of harboring illegals and educating their children, is a staggering $113 billion/yr-or $1,117 for every household. GOP Senate Budget Committee estimates covering illegals could raise Obamacare by $120-$200 billion in the first 10 years.

As insult to injury, Obamacare has placed “Temporary Protected Status (TPS)” as an “eligible immigration status.” Currently, illegals [TPS-designated countries] are allowed to live here, work, have protection from detention/deportation, and travel freely.

This administration spends money unscrupulously accepting illegals, but ignores legal immigration which made America great. Sounds ‘bas-ackward’ to most.