Proposed Health Plan Does Nothing to Exclude Illegal Aliens From Full Coverage

LOS ANGELES – Illegal aliens will have no trouble receiving free health care under Section 221 of the proposed health care reform bill.

Supporters of the bill maintain that Section 246 will prevent illegal aliens from receiving benefit, however, the proposed system includes no means to ensure enforcement. Section 246 applies only to “affordability credit” access, and does not apply to anyone attempting to enroll in the public health insurance plan created by Section 221. This means that the bill would allow illegal aliens to freely enroll in the public plan.

Not only did Obama omit such a verification, but house Democrats are going out of their way to ensure that such checks are not included. Rep. Dean Heller (R-NV) tried to insert a simple verification of citizenship as part of a House Ways and Means Committee amendment. It was voted down on a party line vote in committee 26-15.

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The award-winning documentary film BORDER, directed by Chris Burgard, illuminates how the massive influx of undocumented immigrants contributes to the rising cost of healthcare. Things will only get worse under an administration that supports amnesty for illegal immigrants.

“We’ve been warning about this for years,” stated Burgard. “Hospitals on the border are literally going bankrupt, forced to offer healthcare for which they’re not compensated. In the midst of this economic storm, we’re talking about setting sail on a new healthcare plan and ignoring the fact that we’re in a leaking ship.”

BORDER shows how the burden of providing healthcare for immigrants who do not pay taxes has been steadily growing, and why things are only going to get worse unless we address this crisis.

Filmmaker Chris Burgard is an expert on the Border issue, having researched the area for years prior to making his documentary, BORDER. In this film, he uncovers the truth behind ‘The Fence,’ reveals why Phoenix is the kidnapping-capital of the U.S., and shows how the escalation of human trafficking is overcoming law enforcement’s ability to respond.

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