John Edwards & NC Democrats Will Pay Price for Illegal Immigration

North Carolina Democratic candidates for statewide and local office will have to suffer the massive public backlash that is being generated by illegal immigration and Mike Easley and Martin Lancaster’s decision to force community colleges to accept illegal aliens.

“The Governor and his minions are out of line with a huge majority of North Carolinians,” says William Gheen of ALIPAC. “This misstep combined with the fact that NC Democrats have pushed for in-state tuition for illegal aliens, given hundreds of thousands of licenses to illegal aliens, blocked almost all immigration enforcement bills, and are funding front groups for La Raza like El Pueblo with hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars will cost them dearly at the polls in 2008.”

William Gheen is a veteran campaigns consultant that used to work for the North Carolina Democratic Party and many of their candidates prior to joining the Republicans in 2000.

All of the Democrat candidates for President favor a “path to citizenship” amnesty for illegal aliens including the top of the Democratic ticket in NC… John Edwards.

The John Edwards campaign is refusing to answer if he supports the autocratic decision of Mike Easley and his Community College appointees to let illegal aliens attend community college. Edwards’s silence can be construed as support or acquiescence.

“John Edwards does not want to answer the question because he knows his support for this unpopular plan is going to cost him a great deal,” says Gheen. “He is hurting himself more by refusing to answer. He is showing one side he supports illegal immigration while showing those that would agree with his stance he is a spineless politician.”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is a national organization that enjoys the support of many legal immigrants and Americans of all races and walks of life. The group is well known nationally for helping defeat ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ amnesty and in NC for helping defeat ‘In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens” bill HB 1183 pushed predominantly by Democrats in 2005.

ALIPAC will formally announce the launch of state Political Action Committee, later this week, which will work to assure that every voter knows which candidates are to blame for NC’s illegal immigration crisis and which candidates plan to take action to reverse the situation as state laws have done in GA, OK, and AZ.

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