Amnesty Is Not The Answer To Illegal Immigration

The Definition Of Amnesty

Merriam-Webster defines “amnesty” as “the act of an authority by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals.” Is the pardon for not paying taxes on US jobs, committing a crime, bringing contraband drugs into the US, using tax dollars with hospital visits, or by collecting benefits like Social Security and Food Stamps?

Jeff Sessions (R/Al): “There’s no border fence. There is no practical back-taxes requirement. And illegal aliens will become eligible for every federal benefit, costing taxpayer trillions. It undermines enforcement and weakens our lawful immigration system.”

Current law provides for the yearly admission of more than one million immigrants, and the Gang of Eight’s bill will double that.

USMC 100427 N 3289C 098
A U.S. Marine assigned to Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team (FAST), repels from an Augusta Bell 212 Helicopter during Helicopter Rope Suspension Technique training in preparation for Phoenix Express 2010, April 27. The goals are to highlight common safety and security concerns such as illegal immigration, criminal activity, narcotics trafficking, and weapons trafficking.

In the proposed Immigration Plan, Stephen Goss (Social Security [SS]), said newly legalized immigrants will benefit SS at least during the first 10 years, paying more in payroll taxes than acquired in benefits. Heritage Foundation said it actually becomes more expensive in the next 50. Newly legalized immigrants will pay $3.1 trillion in taxes, but get paid $9.4 trillion in benefits (e.g., SS, Medicare, Welfare).

Cost For Giveaways Gets Immense

Net result: $6.3 trillion, along with a yearly debt of $1 trillion. Americans will lose more jobs, US debt gets worse, and inevitable inflation will reduce everyone’s income.

The US Catholic Bishops have long wanted “comprehensive immigration reform” [amnesty], and believes the immigration system is hurting people where family reunification is imperative. That said, out of the 11 million illegals in the US now, many are criminals, drug smugglers, and tax evaders. Probably 1-2 million are ‘minors’, and should benefit from the “Dream Act” (those wanting to enter the military service, or receive a college education). This will legitimize the legalization of minors who have not immigrated here out of their own control.

English Not Usually Used With ‘Amnestied’

It’s extremely difficult to justify amnesty for illegal entry, when >1 million immigrants per year have entered the US legally, paid their dues, and learned English. Illegals would be given a huge number of loopholes and exemptions. Every amnestied person is supposed to have a background check. Our government missed so many obvious clues the Boston Marathon bomber was a potential terrorist, it seems background checks for 11 million illegals are a’pipe-dream’.

Phyllis Schlafly (GOPUSA) categorically states: “The Gang of Eight immigration bill can actually be summed up as amnesty now, border closing never. If we are talking about border security, we win. If we get stuck talking about amnesty, we lose.” Leading Senate Republicans support a pathway to citizenship, but only if the border is first secured. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is not required to build a fence (ordered by Secure Fence Act; signed by President Bush)-only, to submit a ‘plan’.

Passage of the Gang of Eight bill will reduce conservatives to permanent ‘minority status’. Immigrants have voted at least 70% Democrat, and there is no evidence ‘amnestites’ believe in Republican principles (e.g., limited government, balanced budgets). This legalization-first approach is amnesty. If the bill passes, illegal immigrants could apply for legality in 180 days, and be assigned a Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI).

This enormous job-seeker inflow will inundate labor markets, continue high unemployment rates, and reduce wages of those currently employed. America is staring a massive unfunded mandate demanding both increased taxes, and more debt.

Democrats’ priorities focus on broadening the bill’s reach to legalize more people. Democrats are very aware the vast majority of immigrants vote Democrat. Doug Patton (GOPUSA) said “No entity on the planet loves to hand out free goodies like the Democrat Party.” With a Green Card, every amnestied person can get Obamacare, and within 5 years cash-in on seventy-nine free welfare benefits.

Democrats Only Want Voters

Catholic Bishops’ wishes are highly well-intentioned. But it’s unlikely they’ve factored in total cost, American job-loss outcomes, gross unfairness to existing legal immigrants, unfair treatment of illegals being put in front of the legal citizenship waiting-line, and simply breaking the rules of acquiring legal citizenship.

People must remember most bishops favor citizenship for undocumented residents, but favor reform that secures American borders. You can’t have one without the other. It seems comprehensive immigration is coming without total border security. More job destruction, with increased illegal inflow, and rampant border-crossing.

Ramp up border security-first!!!