The Beauty of Nature

How many of us consider the beauty of nature? How many city-dwellers actually have the opportunity to escape their office spaces or cramped apartments from time to time, in order to breathe-in some fresh beautiful air; and to appreciate nature? The reality is, that few of us city-occupants actually do. Why don’t we seek to change that?

There’s no substitute for hard work; but there is also no substitute for fresh air. For playing in the grass with one’s kids. For going to the park and admiring the beautiful and various bodies of water; whether it be the ponds; the lakes; or just the streams. How beautiful waterfalls are!

On a recent trip myself to a beautiful park about 45 minutes from the city in which I reside I was mesmerized by the incredibly fresh air I had the opportunity to breathe in. I for one don’t have that privilege, as a resident of a major metropolitan city.

The beauty of nature in the park.
The beauty of nature in the park.

Instead of fresh air, all us city dwellers get, are fumes and more fumes! The more contaminated, the more common they are. With the COVID-19 pandemic there has been an exodus of sorts from major cities across the globe. It’s allowed many of us the opportunity to see the grass. To enjoy the lawns. In some cases, to even see the beautiful creatures in the woods.

There’s such a beauty to nature that many of us don’t take advantage of. We should. And I for one, most certainly will.

Alfred Nolan
Alfred Nolan is passionate about politics and shedding a light on the way bridges can be built between disparate cultures. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his nephew or playing golf, and is an avid wine connoisseur.