Should Citi Finance a New Coal Plant in Virginia?

Citi, the leading funder of the coal industry, is backing the construction of a new $1.8 billion coal-fired powerplant in Wise county, Virginia.

As you know, RAN supporters have been pressuring Citi to stop funding coal altogether because coal is the single biggest source of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

Citi is hearing your voice, but they haven’t yet committed to getting out of the coal business and instead investing in clean energy. Today I want you to join me in asking Citi to make a bold move and stop financing the huge Dominion Wise County Plant.

We’re partnering with Credo Mobile to help spread the word about this project and build awareness about the danger of coal expansion.

This plant would emit more than 5.6 million tons of CO2 annually — the equivalent of adding 1 million new cars in Virginia each year.

More than 43,000 Virginia residents have signed petitions opposing this plant because they don’t want to pay the environmental, economic, or human costs that come with coal. From carbon emissions, to other pollutants, to the Mountain Top Removal coal mining that would supply the plant, the destructive effects of the Wise county development would be severe.

Please, visit the action page at Credo Mobile and add your voice to the growing movement opposing this plant.

Development of renewable energy such as wind and solar power would spur economic growth, increase local tax revenues, provide many more new jobs than coal power, and help stabilize future electricity rates for Virginia.

Take action and tell Citi’s CEO, Vikram Pandit, to stop funding this coal plant and instead invest in the clean energy future we all want to see.

Ultimately we want Citi, and the rest of Wall Street, to adopt sustainable investing practices which forbid things like coal expansion and promote clean energy and a healthy future for all. But the only way we’re going to get there is by coming together to deliver a strong shared message. So join me, and our friends at Credo, and take action today!