Romney Would Still Slash FEMA, in Face of Crushing Frankenstorm Sandy!

We have as bad of a disaster scenario as could have been predicted with Sandy. 7 million without power. Transportation systems crippled! The Eastern Coast of the United States needs FEMA more than ever! Mitt Romney’s June 2011 debate on CNN comes back to haunt him (a mere day before Halloween). Hey, we don’t need FEMA, let the State budgets take care of Sandy! Yea, right, as if they’re equipped to take care of The Storm of the Century, altering event! Romney wants to balance the budget, so FEMA has to go to the chopping block, while the military budget should get an unneeded 3% increase (according to Romney).

“Romney, you’re doing a heck of a job,” I’ll jibe, even though Obama has reformed the Federal Emergency Management Agency from the ground up (since Katrina), as it prepares to take on some of the problems that confront the East Coast, as Sandy blows through the Northern corridor. Yea, tax cuts for the rich, so wealthy people can buy another resort home, so that when they’re crippled by a devastating natural disaster, they can flee to safety at their third or fourth alternative luxury palace.

mit romney fema

Romney’s looking out for the Fat Cats, while poor people, the elderly, or the infirm will have to look out for themselves. We know the States are broke, so they can hardly fill in the gaps, should FEMA get the axe. As Mitt wakes up today, to the fires, the flooding, the crippling of New York City, I hope he’s turning an ashen grey, shaken with guilt, as the light comes on; only the Federal Government could mount such monumental efforts of relief, with a storm this big. The States couldn’t fix this great a disaster!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie buckled under to the overwhelming pressure of Sandy, that would hit his state momentarily, when he opened up a hotline with the President, who was very sympathetic to the ensuing plight of New Jersey, pummeled as it was by the mighty winds and water of the merciless Frankenstorm, Lady Sandy. Estimates as of 5:27 AM CST, are 40 Billion in damage. In spite of this, Romney campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg said (to paraphrase), the states should still be the ones in charge of dealing with the storm.

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This is a rare instance where Mitt doesn’t change his position, when the political realities dictate that he should do so (be a political turncoat [a flip-flopper] when it’s politically expedient). Ironically, this is seemingly the occasion when changing his position (midstream to the campaign) is a wise choice. Backing the relief efforts of FEMA, with so many voters in dire need of aid, is a good position to take, politically speaking. But no, we need more dollars for unneeded battleships, tanks, and bombers, even though the Pentagon is not asking for it (unless Mitt wants to get us in another war).

I don’t believe Romney will be able to show his face today; but don’t worry, he has plenty of opulent villas he can flee to, to hide out from his clumsy words, where the financially crippled states will take care of an epical storm, such as Sandy! It’s not going to happen, Mitt! Only the Federal Government can coordinate between the states, such a massive relief effort. *(The quicker systems can resume functionality, the more money will be saved, in the long run.)

Not that we should be politicizing Sandy, yet the election is only one week away, and like it or not, Sandy is wholly, totally political, since it forces our leaders to show how they will approach such a bigger than life problem. Katrina was George Bush’s worst moment (or one of his worst moments)! And this is not such a good time for Mitt either, especially given the timing, just 7 days before millions of Americans pull the lever. Romney comes off as callous and uncaring of those hit hardest. This is not trick mirrors; it’s the Real Mitt! He only cares about the Rich, since that’s the Class he’s fares from!

Source: Forbes