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In Global Warning: The Last Chance for Change, Paul Brown (former environment correspondent forthe Guardian) charts the history of the climate debate and explains the implications of the 2007 reportof the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change in a form accessible to the layman.

Brown reveals the truth behind the political rhetoric, China and peak oil. He addresses how energysecurity and supply will alter the economic outlook of the world. He clarifies that new technologies toreplace fossil fuels is the greatest business opportunity of the 21st century, creating massivelocal/global opportunities for jobs in sunrise industries.

Man-made climate change is here – and the oil peak is not far behind. Some people view nuclearpower as a viable solution. Brown argues this is skewed logic of ‘Voodoo Economics’ and “is one of themost contentious issues surrounding climate change. The problem of what to do with the waste, thepotential for developing nuclear weapons from the same technology and the nuclear stationsvulnerability to terrorism all add to the sharp debate. This radioactive waste will remain long after theconcrete bunkers, it is stored in, disintegrates. But the argument that will, or should, kill the large-scale nuclear plan is that it is not economic”.

Paul Brown also discusses the work of politicians prepared to take action, including Seattle’s MayorGreg Nickels, London’s Mayor Ken Livingstone, and California’s Governor Schwarzenegger. This bookadvocates that proper leadership and correct information are essential if we are to combat climatechange effectively.

The Chairman of Greenpeace International has written the foreword to the US edition.Stunning NASA, Greenpeace, Reuters and WWF photographs in a very contemporary designaccompany the hard-hitting text. This is the most comprehensive book on climate change.

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