How to Stop Deforestation: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Saving the Rainforest

Deforestation is the human process of clearing forests for land. Humans use that land for a number of things.

It could be that people use the land to develop buildings or factories on, take natural resources below the earth, or use the resources of the forest to contribute to other business interests. In any case, deforestation contributes to a great deal of destruction.

It’s estimated that 18 million acres of land are deforested each year. That’s roughly the size of Panama every year.

While individual efforts are small, we can make a difference if everyone works to reduce their involvement in deforestation. We’re here to give you some tips on how to stop deforestation.

How to Stop Deforestation

We’ll use the Amazon forest as an example of deforestation. The Amazon is home to more wildlife than any other region of the planet. In fact, it’s believed that nearly 1 in 10 of all animal species exists in the Amazon forest.

Deforestation and climate change have already lead to the loss of 20 percent of the region. That means millions of plants and animals, some of them endangered, have already lost their habitats.

The World Wildlife Foundation has predicted that more than one-quarter of the trees in the Amazon will be gone by 2030. So, what can we do to slow or prevent these things from happening?

1. Purchase Wisely and Mindfully

Being aware of what goes into the products you buy might be the single most important thing you can do to stop deforestation and climate change.

Cutting down on your use of wood and paper products is one way to make a difference. When you do buy these products, don’t treat them lightly. Use them as much as you can and recycle whenever possible.

The idea is to cut down on the demand for these things so that there is less reason to cut down trees to create them. This idea extends into the foods we eat as well.

A lot of forest in Central and South America has been cleared to make space to raise cattle for beef. Try and buy locally sourced beef, or stop eating meat altogether, to reduce the demand for deforested land to raise cattle on.

2. Support Organizations in the Fight

There are a lot of groups working on the front lines to enact legislation to protect our forests and prevent businesses from contributing to the destruction of places like the Amazon.

You can contribute to these causes financially, spread awareness about them on social media, or offer your services as a volunteer. Groups like the World Wildlife Foundation are always willing to accept donations and offer volunteer opportunities.

3. Visit Vulnerable Places

Another way to show support for these places is by visiting them. This adds value to the natural beauty by increasing demand for the tourist industry.

Further, experiencing the natural beauty available will motivate you to recruit others as agents of change. If you’re interested in seeing places like the Amazon, visit

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