Heroic Yellow Lab Rescues Two Helpless Kittens

An amazing true life story of heroic yellow lab that rescued that rescued 2 kittens from an Iowa highway


WHO TV reports- That a litter of kittens were sealed inside of a meow mix bag and run over.

Reagan the yellow lab dragged the bag back home and whined non-stop until his owners opened it. “There was a litter of five of them inside the bag, that had been run over by a vehicle. It was not a pretty sight,” said Linda Blakley of The Raccoon Valley Animal Santuary.

The Animal Sanctuary is now housing the only two kittens that survived. Skipper and Tipper weren’t originally expected to live through the ordeal. The two were bottled-fed every two hours and are now back to their normal lively selves.

Saved Kittens
Courtesy Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary

People who do acts like these are not only inhumane; they have no soul either. Statistically speaking persons who commit senseless acts against pets or any animal are likely to commit more serious crimes also.

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