Do Worldwide Activist Acts like Earth Hour & Zeitgeist-Day Help the World?

Well, March, 2009 has come and gone and the world is still in a jumble. An ecological crisis, an economic crisis, a leadership crisis, corruption, terror, drugs… the list goes on and on.

Last month, we decided to say “enough,” or at least try. Millions of people around the world joined together in a variety of events protesting the state of our “big blue marble.” So what did the month accomplish? Will these events indeed be the cure to the blows that are afflicting humanity today?

Z-Day and Earth Hour

The Zeitgeist Movement is an apolitical movement that seeks to raise people’s awareness of the damage caused by financial, religious and governmental institutions. On March 15, people gathered at 450 locations in 70 countries for “Z-day.” The popular Zeitgeist movies were shown, and a special program featuring founder Jacques Fresco was broadcast live from New York City. Members of the movement hope that this day will explain the necessity of unity and cooperation to people around the world, thus shifting world events from their current path of destruction to a new path of prosperity and growth.

At the end of the month, another event took place to focus our attention on the devastating effects of global warming. Two years ago, the first “Earth hour” initiative was launched in Sydney, Australia when two million people turned their lights out for one hour to demonstrate identification with the diseased condition of Earth. This year, organizers expect around one billion people to turn off their lights, sending a powerful message to world leaders that global warming is a high priority for humanity.

The Million dollar question: “Will it help?”

Will the fact that hundreds of millions of people around the world are connecting in these initiatives bear results? Maybe, but maybe not.

If we closely examine nature, we find that it consists of a complex, never-ending series of interactions that work to maintain all the myriad of details in balance. Indeed, the manifestation of harmony on all levels is revealed as the foundation of life’s existence. Consider the 10 trillion cells comprising the human body, all working in perfect harmony to the benefit of the whole. Actually, balance and harmony exist on all levels of nature – inanimate, plant and animate. The only exception is – you guessed it: man.

Man is the only creature in nature who takes advantage of his environment for his personal benefit, the only creature that enjoys his superiority over others and knowingly causes suffering. No matter how we look at it, the basis of human behavior that drives our social and financial systems is our ego, which always prefers its personal, narrow interests over the general benefit of all.

If nature is a single system of harmony and connection, then the lack of balance between man and nature causes an imbalance in the entirety of nature. Thus, the only way to help nature is to balance the level that has been imbalanced – the level of man.

So, will events such as Z-Day and Earth Hour help the world? Yes and no. People’s desire to connect in order to bring about change is wonderful. In the past, we thought that we could change our world alone, but we are now beginning to realize that we are all connected with and affect each other. That is why we are beginning to think of ways to unite on a global basis in efforts to create a positive shift in the world.

But it’s not just that. At the center of these events is the understanding that raising awareness is what will change the world for the better, what will promote humanity towards the long – awaited balance.

But this where the risk is high: If we remain satisfied with one-time events such as the ones discussed above or only search for ways to fix the symptoms – for example, trying to treat the climate or the financial system separately – we will not succeed in our task and the condition of nature will continue to deteriorate year after year. In order to provide a solution to the problems facing our world today, we must treat the root of the problem – nature itself is balanced, the sole imbalance exists at the level of man.

So what can be done? We must promote awareness in every way possible, through the media, the educational system and general conversation, to the fact that only to the extent that we create balance in our relationships with each other and with the laws of nature, to the extent that we relate to each other in mutual support, will we be able to emerge into a new path of harmony, prosperity and peace.

What about actions? Shouldn’t we do something to improve the world? There is an answer to that as well. Think for a moment about what would happen if all people desired the benefit of all. It is obvious that in such a situation, our actions would also be in that same direction, just as a mother’s love for her children causes her to do things for their benefit.

So, where do we begin? We raise the realization that what is really needed is for us to connect, and we do it together. And I don’t mean to turn out the lights while we all watch the film “Zeitgeist”!