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Eli Vinokur an independent columnist. He is completing his PhD in Social Sciences and Philosophy in The Faculty of Humanities at Tel-Aviv University, Israel. His research focuses on Jewish thought and its modern applications. Vinokur’s work has appeared at Haaretz, Yediot Aharonot, MSN Israel, NRG Maariv among other publications.

Do Worldwide Activist Acts like Earth Hour & Zeitgeist-Day Help the...

Despite our hopes, events such as Z-Day and Earth Hour may not have the desired effect on the world.

Drowning in Numbers

Trillions of dollars spent to stimulate the world's economy won't help us, because we are dealing with a crisis in human relationships. To witness a shift in the course of the markets, we first need to boost the connection among people.

The Last Superman

President Obama likened to Superman in post-Superman era. Has our new interconnected world put an end to individualistic leaders, demanding new superheroes, able to see themselves and others as parts of one body, one universal Superman.