Considering Exosolar Societies

The implications of receiving extra-planetary visitors carries more impact and persuasion for things unknown than words can express. Its many paths of speculative possibility for human kind is so broad and revolutionary, that it lends provocation to forces critical of things that seem not to fit in the comfort zones of our reality.

Social media, books, websites are implemented to spam us with a plethora of rumors from a variety of sources in the form of conspiracy agendas, ambiguous government statements and even the psychotically delusional.

This enigma carries with it the concerns and objectives of core individuals and groups who through specified rationales see themselves as social agents zealously restoring rational thought or protecting vital security concerns.

Information relevant to this cause has been the emphasis instead of a transparent incremental culmination and analysis necessary to bring to terms the hidden nature of what appears to be a physical long term non-human (or near human) presence in our solar system.

Instead, the entire social medium has been subjected to a virtual fog while small groups of government agents officiate over top secret studies with results unpublished.

One must factor in the reality that human government is opaque in its most significant internal dealings along with its external corporate partnership. Without real oversight governments are predisposed to utilizing anything promising its own empowerment, even over the freedoms of its constituents.

Though it seems to be acceptable for people to be manipulated by human organizations it is considerably evident that an endemic terror is associated with the concept of non-human influence.

It is not uncommon for people to filter non-humanity concepts through ancient cultural traditions of thought such as those angels and devils depicted in prophetic texts. Human notions of spirituality in fact are devoid of cosmological reality unless it refers to the divine interventions of mythical, non-human creatures with wings. To the extent that Abrahamic religious texts do not mention the histories of peoples and nations outside of our world, many sublimely deny that such a thing could be possible in perhaps the fear that a divine rule is trampled by such speculation.

This certainly stems from social controls etched into the human psyche long ago by religious authority; that everything needed by man falls within divinely inspired archives and that questioning is an apostasy from the principled faith defining one’s character.

As far as anyone knows, our texts do not refer to the existence of extra-solar society. This does not mean that it has not been seen, taught, written about and thus lost, even hidden or disposed of by designing individuals. It remains one mystery that could be uncovered through archeological discovery on this planet and perhaps on others in our system.

In this whole affair of advanced extraterrestrial civilization, our attention must also be drawn to acknowledge both the abuse of authority and the submissive acquiescence of individual freedom of thought, whether considering the representations of spiritual or secular matters at large.

Being a member of this human group can in no small way be summed up as a life of manipulation through sensory stimuli. Without effort we understand our environment through the interpretations of our senses, taste, sight, hearing, smell and feel. Reality is spun relative to the five senses or the input is not considered relevant.

The corporate society of the 21st century is intensely subjected to the joys and sensations of material consumption. It is addictive in both its nature and intent. It is amazingly defeating in terms of how people spend lives of physical sacrifice on disposable objects and diversions that squander vital resources and pollute their environment. While people are trained to spend their time seeking gratification the planet is careening toward an obvious point of being unable to sustain human life. The industrial nations are fully incorporated in walking a path toward environmental collapse. And of course, consumers are the robotic respondents physiologically programmed to assist in the work to this end. In the pit of greed, there is not enough light to see what is coming. This is a fanaticism of excess which governs human priorities and thus it is a type of voluntary, perhaps redeeming serfdom of our time. A system kept in balance by globally incorporated agendas that systematically generate profits, growth and wealth at the cost of morality and the environment, even human existence.

As a twist of fate, my wife (Rajaa) and I found ourselves without a television because we were late in purchasing the box that allowed reception of the new digital system prior to the October 2009 transition deadline. I was also working long hours at the time and did not have the desire to go find one. As the days rolled on the effects of commercial media influences began to wane. We realized how peaceful it was at home and how we began to relax our unconscious angst for purchasing. This was also the time when economic concerns were culminating after a partial economic collapse began in late 2008, arrested only by government bailout and stimulus packages. We stayed at home only shopping for necessities once a week. The anxiety created by an artificial subliminal need to consume had been broken. We also realized that we were at ease with our new lifestyle and that our former one was unsustainable in every sense. This all happened after the TV was turned off.

It is a matter of logic through this personal experience that our tiny family unit is an illustration of what the entire planet is suffering in terms of what is beneficial for the human family. This is the meaning of true love. To sacrifice what is unnecessary in order to preserve what is necessary for the survival and benefit of posterity.

The clearness of this logic alone is found in the observation that people most generally operate on the lowest possible level of physiological function under the terms of sensory gratification. They will work long hours, expending great efforts in time and labor to fulfill the extent of their instilled or perceived tireless desires.

With certain finality the path of the human thought paradigm is paved with bricks of gold in a way never before possible. Global mass media is under the control of power initiatives represented by corporate influences intolerant to any other agendas. Especially anything threatening the sovereignty of collective entities entrenched in socioeconomic mechanisms of wealth. This refers to the entire system of collectivism based on a cooperative consumer whose vulnerabilities must be relentlessly conditioned through mass media. The circle enlists every object of our attention, from TV, to radio, news, internet and our communication devices all designated to seduce an irrational dependence on a provider. This system of dependency creates untold wealth, power and of course the need to maintain a commercial media designed to constantly remind us of our wants.

One of the perceived scientific benefits of contact with extraterrestrials would be based on their ability to travel great distances in a short time span. Likewise, it can be assessed that they have the knowledge to manipulate natural forces for the purpose of extracting cheap, sustainable energy that does not pollute. This is the basic premise in calculating all socioeconomic resolutions, as well as the potential to exist in a sustainable, healthy community on the home planet with the ability to expand and replicate it in exosolar environments.

With the ability to manipulate the force of gravity, delivery vehicles would provide a means for swift travel, housing and transportation of people, supplies and raw materials within the Sol system. This alone would create economies for interplanetary mining of rare and new metals, alloys, production of food, colonization and manufacturing based on need. Planets like Mars and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn could become the preferred mining bases. Leaving the precious environment of Earth unspoiled for future generations.

Why would industrial corporate power brokers not want such an advantage? Because it is either out of their reach and control or it is somehow perceived a threat to the balance of the current control system.

It may be that our planet has been under surveillance by intelligences that are much more sophisticated and wary than anyone could have imagined. As such, it means that governments have never been able to grasp the technical means of these foreigners. Technology is a bargaining chip for them because they are so advanced that even if we had an example of it, we do not have the capability in a long chain of technologies to acquire the materials and processes for producing it in true form. It would therefore be impossible for us to duplicate any downed craft or remote controlled vehicles. In addition we would have to meet the specified terms of the visitors before they would assist in personally providing us with mechanisms that would help in developing such capabilities. On what scale this might occur and for what price is merely speculative.

Such a highly advanced society with the advantages wrought through technological and perhaps mental capabilities would have the resources to monitor the most sensitive communications and thus help themselves to every secret in the highest quarters of official and civil society.

Their intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities would allow them to predict war, political and economic shifts with great accuracy. It would be assumable that they would have the capability to monitor ecological damage done by industrial pollution, over fishing, deforestation and fossil extraction operations with more precise instruments than humans and thus predict with greater accuracy when and how the Earth would change, how populations would be effected.

In one sense, paranoid security establishments of the most powerful nations would see this as an unacceptable threat, especially if the visitors were to decline any offer involving secretive collusion and exclusive technology deals. The sort of business conducted by governments engaged in the nasty business of military superiority and other power brokering scenarios. The visitors may not decline cooperation by a lack of interest, but as an unavoidable consequence of the predictable outcomes of human motivations.

The plausible nature of existing exosolar communities incorporating their efforts and territories based on far reaching capabilities, has much to do with the fierce competition of corporate cultures that we are familiar with here. The difference may be that by the law of averages, any civilization that survives its ability to self destruct may be considered a more benevolent partner in the due course of business.

Further, being that humanity is still developing as a planetary cooperative and is perhaps in its preadolescence intellectually, it may be that the visitors are deeply entrenched competitors having long established colonies, mining and manufacturing complexes on some of our planets. In such a case, their main interest may have more to do with protecting the investment and thus their own economic interests.

It often appears that the billions of humans covering the planet are self absorbed in their own planetary plane of thought to such an extent, that it seems unlikely they will overcome primeval emotions, allowing their manipulation by organizations of all types. Organizations which owe their existence to formulas that motivate only the most basic, illogical behaviors of humanity.