30-Year Cold Spell Predicted – Forget Global Warming

Another researcher has come forward with a contrarian view of climate change – he agrees there is a big change coming which we can do little to change, but he says it will get colder, not warmer.

Despite the common misconception, scientists are passionate once they settle on a theory. Unfortunately they are also stubborn to the point of bigotry and character assassination when someone challenges their theory.

There are many examples of this in the past from denial that the moon’s craters were caused by asteroid impact to disbelief in the theory of continental drift, both of which caused their advocates to be ostracized from mainstream science – their research ignored for as long as decades until they were finally proven correct.

When it comes to climate change we first saw the climate warming group ridiculed for a decade or more but now almost universally accepted among scientists.

But “almost” doesn’t mean “all.”

As I wrote in my Kindle book “Could Global Warming Actually be GOOD??: Will global warming fight the next ice age? An ice age is coming, says The Milankovitch Theory,” there is a theory which closely fits historical data on Earth temperature changes and relates them to known changes in the Earth’s orbit. They boil down to Closer = Warmer.”

cold climate change
Our climate is always changing, but which way is it changing, and can we stop it?

The Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC) has published predictions of a drastic temperature drop based on other solar data based on the Relational Cycle theory.

The predictions can be summarized as follows:

  • Beginning very soon, in a year or two, the Earth’s average temperature will drop significantly
  • With minor interruptions this will result in a lower overall land and ocean temperature and the drop will be as great as ever seen by humans
  • The average temperature will be as much as 1.5 degrees C. lower than recent records, with the temperatures during the 2030’s being close to that of the period between 1793 and 1830

That doesn’t sound like much but the predicted consequences from a similar projected rise in global temperatures are horrendous and a similar drop would also be devastating.

Another projection by the Russian Academy of Sciences and others see a climate closer to that of the “little Ice Age” of 1615 to 1745.

A cooler Earth can also be caused by volcanic activity creating atmospheric dust. Earthquake activity is increasing.

Dr. Dong Choi, Director of Research for the International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center (IEVPC), and Editor of the New Concepts in Global Tectonics (NCGT) Journal, says:

“I support John Casey’s (President of SSRC) predictions on the arrival of a major cold period caused by a solar hibernation. We are also witnessing a major increase in earthquake activity represented by deep strong quakes throughout the world since 1990, which perfectly matches the declining period of solar activity.”

Dr. Ole Humlum, Glaciologist, Geomorphologist, and Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Oslo says: “These latest series of predictions from the SSRC highlights the growing importance for politicians to formulate a plan B rapidly, given the likely possibility that their plan A (based on future warming as forecast by CO2-driven climate models) will fail thoroughly in the years to come. The prospect of a significant decline of agricultural production due to lower temperatures is very disturbing.”

The above quotes are from a November 20 SSRC press release.

Mr. Casey’s RC Theory is based on periodic changes in solar activity, when the sun’s output changes dramatically, and hence the amount of heat reaching the Earth changes.

We should be able to see the predicted changes in a few years, as opposed to the decade or so necessary to see big changes according to the climate warming theories.

The climate cooling predictions are not based on denial of the basic tenets of global warming – increased CO2, greenhouse effect, etc. but rather they point to several different theories about solar activity which have proven correct over many decades, even centuries, and say that the greenhouse effect will only slightly mitigate the temperature drop due to decreased solar activity.

Scientists around the world have been predicting solar minimums for decades and these are totally independent of the Milankovitch Theory which deals mostly with orbital changes. Both theories predict lower temperatures.