3 Garden Design Ideas to Make 2019 a Year of Growth

The spring months are approaching. You know what that means, right? Time to get your gardening on!

If gardening is your passion, you know spring is the best time to start planting your favorite plants and flowers. Are you new to gardening? This hobby is beneficial because gardening can improve your life and your health.

But what if you’re all out of garden ideas? If you feel some gardener’s block, this article will help boost your green thumb creativity for 2019.

Here are 3 garden design ideas you should use this spring of 2019.

Garden Design Ideas for 2019

From different plants to overall garden design, 2019 has some incredible ideas for a fabulous garden!

1. Uneven Garden Structure

Who said your garden has to be on the ground on an even surface? Changing up the surface levels can do wonders for your garden design.

Start by separating which plants will be on the floor versus in pots. Hang pots up to create an interesting effect.

If you’re really into carpentry, try some asymmetrical design. Create steps of an assortment of plants and flowers. To make the process easier, lay down brick and plant your plants in pots. Set the pots on the brick.

Keep in mind, you don’t want to show the hard lines of each step. Try and soften them by stringing lights or even vines.

2. Make Your Garden an Entertainment Space

You work so hard on your garden, why make it go to waste? Create an area where your guests can relax in the outdoors. Set out some furniture underneath your growing trees. Finish it off with plenty of fun lights.

If your garden is close to your patio, set up a TV and other entertainment features. It’s helpful to place a grill or even a small bar in this area.

If you’re more of a simpleton, set out some chairs near your garden with tables for food and drinks.

3. Diverse Selection of Plants

Do you worship specific flowers over others? While you should always plant these flowers in your garden, planting diverse plants will make your garden go above and beyond.

Different plant and flower varieties will help add incredible color and style to any garden.

You should also never forget plants and shrubs. These add incredible contrast to your garden.

Last but not least, why not throw in some fresh herbs and fruit trees? If you’re a cook or baker, the fresh ingredients will not only benefit your garden but also your meals!

We know what you’re thinking – this must be a lot of maintenance! If you ever struggle with garden maintenance, professionals such as Scott Byron can help.

Need More Gardening Advice?

Hopefully, this advice will help spice up your garden this year!

Are these garden design ideas not cutting it? Maybe you need to try growing something else. Have you ever tried growing cannabis? If you’re in a state that offers legal marijuana, read all about the healing powers of cannabis.

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