Drexler Solves the Dark Matter Puzzle ‘Discovering Postmodern Cosmology’

The five top enigmas of cosmology are plausibly solved/explained in Jerome Drexler’s March 2008 book, “Discovering Postmodern Cosmology: Discoveries in Dark Matter, Cosmic Web, Big Bang, Inflation, Cosmic Rays, Dark Energy, Accelerating Cosmos.” They are:

(1) Did the Big Bang satisfy the Second Law of Thermodynamics? Was the Big Bang a chaotic fireball explosion or a low-entropy violent radial dispersion of multitudinous relativistic protons having kinetic energies compatible with estimated Big Bang temperatures?

(2) What causes the accelerating expansion of the universe?

(3) What is the explanation for Cosmic Inflation, which is believed to have taken place a fraction of a second after the Big Bang? What caused Cosmic Inflation to stop?

(4) From what energy source do the ultra-high-energy cosmic ray protons get their energy? From where do they depart prior to penetrating Earth’s atmosphere?

(5) What is the precise nature of the dark matter of the universe? What evidence supports this conclusion?

Drexler’s new book was written to try to satisfy both scientists and science enthusiasts.

Although the re-inventing of cosmology to solve five top cosmic enigmas may seem like “science fiction” to many cosmologists and astrophysicists, there are also astronomical data, the laws of physics, and many references supporting Drexler’s arguments. Though Drexler has received honors and awards for his 76 patented inventions, for him the admiring comments of the late Sir Arthur C. Clarke stand out.

In Sir Arthur Clarke’s 1986 book, “July 20, 2019 – Life in the 21st Century,” page 149 is devoted to Jerome Drexler’s invention, at Silicon Valley’s Drexler Technology, of a small digital laser optical storage device that theoretically could store an entire motion picture film. Sir Arthur was aware that In 1981 Jerome Drexler and Drexler Technology Corp. (now called LaserCard Corp., Nasdaq: LCRD), had won the IR 100 Industrial Research Award for the invention and productizing of the world’s first laser read/writable optical memory disk for digital information storage (like today’s DVD-R and CD-R).

The first paragraph of the Synopsis of Drexler’s new book reads, “Learn how a world-class inventor-scientist is currently tackling the greatest scientific mysteries of the universe — and succeeding. With his new book, Drexler provides a viable baseline to jump-start debate on a standard model for postmodern cosmology. It is the first book to not only address these seven unsolved cosmic mysteries, shown in this book’s subtitle, but also offer plausible explanations for each of them. The correlation of these seven cosmic phenomena by Drexler offers a revolutionary advance in cosmological research and potentially broad acceptance and use of the related concepts.”

This 292-page paperback was published March 2008. It is now available from Amazon.com and Universal-Publishers.com. Drexler waived all author royalties so the book could be priced at an affordable $15.95. It completes Drexler’s cosmology trilogy, which began with, “How Dark Matter Created Dark Energy and the Sun,” published December 15, 2003.

The second book of the trilogy is Drexler’s May 22, 2006 book, “Comprehending and Decoding the Cosmos,” which solves more than 15 cosmic enigmas. It is cataloged in over 40 astronomy or physics libraries. They include libraries at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, Cornell, Harvard-Smithsonian, Vassar, and the universities of Hawaii, Toronto, Illinois, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Goettingen, Groningen, Copenhagen, Chile, Bologna, Helsinki, Lisbon, Guadalajara, Kyoto, and the Max-Planck- Institut for Astrophysik.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR OF THE THREE BOOKS: Jerome Drexler is a former Member of the Technical Staff of Bell Labs, former NJIT Research Professor in physics at New Jersey Institute of Technology, founder and former Chairman and chief scientist of LaserCard Corp.(Nasdaq: LCRD). He has been awarded 76 U.S. patents, honorary Doctor of Science degrees from NJIT and Upsala College, a degree of Honorary Fellow of the Technion, an Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship at Stanford University, a three-year Bell Labs graduate study fellowship, the 1990 “Inventor of the Year Award” for Silicon Valley and recognition as the original inventor of the widely used digital optical disk “Laser Optical Storage System.” He is a member of the Board of Overseers of New Jersey Institute of Technology and an Honorary Life Member of the Technion Board of Governors.

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