Reconnection Conference Strives to Heal Animals in Los Angeles

With only a limited amount of instruction, animal lovers learn how to act as catalysts to effect often-immediate healing of animals (see background below.) The energy that they are facilitating is a new “bandwidth” of energy, light and information that has been scientifically confirmed by university and research scientists (brief research summary available in full media kit). In this field trip to the Gentle Barn, healers will work on a wide variety of animal subjects. With proper instruction, anyone can learn to become a Reconnective Healer and can affect greater health and more peaceful attitudes with household pets, farm animals, horses, and even rescued wildlife. This is your chance for your viewers to see new healer/animal lovers at work!

Ellie Laks, founder of Santa Clarita’s Gentle Barn abused animal refuge, called it a “miracle.” The roping cow, Delilah, had come to the facility after being roped so hard that it had broken her pelvis. She escaped to run down a main highway, being side swiped by cars. When she arrived at the Gentle Barn, she would not allow any human to come near her, cowering in fear and rebelling against the species that had caused her such pain. Only a non-invasive form of healing could even be considered.

Enter the “healers” from the Reconnective Healing program in Los Angeles. Here’s how Laks described what happened: “The morning before they came, Delilah was hobbling along, barely able to walk. The night the Reconnective Healing practitioners arrived, one of them stood near her, holding their hands facing her. The next morning I could not believe my eyes when I saw her, not only walking, but running around with no limp! Since they were here, Delilah has been pain-free and sound. She will now approach us and even eat out of our hands. She has come so far, so fast and it’s all because of Reconnective Healing.”

Video Preview:

This Reconnective Healing With Animals Field Trip is part of The Reconnection’s Oct. 8-10 8th Annual U.S. Mastery Conference, which focuses on new frontiers in science, consciousness and healing.

Gentle Barn Animal Rescue

15825 Sierra Highway

Santa Clarita, CA 91390

Sunday, Oct. 10, at 7:30pm