Living Pterosaurs Seen By 1400 Americans, Author Jonathan Whitcomb Says

Are there any Living Pterosaurs? According to Jonathan Whitcomb, author of the nonfiction book “Live Pterosaurs in America,” there are still living Pterosaurs or Pterodactyls.

Over four years, from 2005 to 2009, Whitcomb says he interviewed eyewitnesses from 19 different states, who say they saw them.

The eyewitnesses were in California, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Washington State.

Not all the sightings were recent. They ranged from 1980 through to 2008.

When describing what they saw, the eyewitnesses were specific, and most said what they saw had a long tail and no feathers. There was also a wide range of wingspan estimates. Whitcomb says the statistical peak wingspan was 8-10 feet, but slightly more than a quarter were more than 18 feet across. That is obviously much too big for them to be birds.

Many scientists assume that pterosaurs, like dinosaurs, became extinct 65 million years ago. But a few cryptozoologists specialize in reports of sightings of pterosaur-like animals. They believe that many recent reports of apparent living pterosaurs in North America cannot be easily dismissed.

After conducting his interviews and research, Whitcomb says a substantial number of these sightings are not from hoaxes, insanity, or misidentification. He says “they are most likely living pterosaurs.”

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