Great Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy

Dogs are social animals that can develop a strong attachment to their owners. Their happiness is partly dictated by things you do for them around them. Read on for common ways to influence your four-legged friend’s happiness and create an even stronger bond with them.

1. Take them for walks

Dogs don’t understand that you have a busy life, a schedule to adhere to, and bills to pay; they just want your company. Try to create room for walks, playtime, hiking, and mental stimulation activities. Exercise boosts the release of dopamine and serotonin, the two most impactful neurotransmitters in mood and emotion regulation.

2. Proper nutrition

Like humans, dogs need good nutrition to develop properly, ward off diseases, and stay happy. While a balanced diet is recommended, it is good to fill your dog’s belly with food they’ll enjoy. Include plenty of grain-free dog food, such as sweet potatoes, white potatoes, peas, and lentils, and check with a veterinarian just in case they need supplements. Also, ensure your dog is always hydrated by providing them with enough water.

3. Schedule regular checkups

Annual wellness exams provide the perfect opportunity for your dog to be screened and treated if a health issue is detected. You cannot rule out the possibility of your pet having a health problem just because they look happy and active. Many diseases show obvious symptoms in the latter stages of their development, often when they are harder to manage. Early detection helps you halt the symptoms in their tracks and protect your dog from any pain.

4. Be affectionate

Creating a bond with your pet is good both for you and the animal, according to experts. Petting, cuddling, coat brushing, and those sporadic belly rubs are great ways to show your dog some love. Experts say that this also makes your dog less aggressive and puts them in the mood for positive interactions with people and other animals.

5. Groom them regularly

Grooming involves trimming your pet’s nails, brushing their coat, and bathing them regularly. It is an excellent way to rid them of parasites and monitor changes on their skin or fur, including dandruff, dry skin, and patches. Different dog types require different grooming routines, so consult your veterinary for the best regime.

6. Give them compliments

Nothing lifts our spirits as much as being lauded for something we did, and this goes double for dogs. They thrive on compliments and positivity. Make sure to let your dog know when he did something good. Smile, clap for him, rub his coat, and, once in a while, reward him. Not only will this make him happy, but it will also give him a reason to do more of what earned him the compliment in the first place.


If your four-legged friend is your source of happiness, then it’s only right that you return the favor. The above tips will help you keep your pet happy and bolster your relationship with them.

keep your dog happy. image by Free-Photos from pixabay.
Keep your dog happy. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay