Nordpass Password Manager Launches New Powerful Features, Including Auto-Importer

NordPass, created by NordVPN team is already a star in the cybersecurity arena. It has been creating headlines again. Having already proved its prowess in providing optimum cybersecurity, NordPass has recently launched many new features that have further reinforced the security of several devices across which it can be used.

In recent times, where every person saves essential details across different high-tech devices, a threat of breach always lumbers on their head, and hence, they need to protect these devices with a robust security screen. NordPass provides them their anticipated security by providing them with easy ways to save and access all their passwords, along with other digital information on the web.

How does it work?

NordPass generates unassailable passwords by using a complex set of characters. The passwords are then safely locked under 256-bit encryption in a “zero-knowledge” database. This ensures high security.

With NordPass, all you need to do is to keep one password in your mind. Furthermore, two-factor authentication further enhances security.

NordPass ensures a heavy blanket of security across sundry devices like your laptops, tablets, or mobile phones, including both iOS, as well as Android.

The Latest Features

The latest NordPass launched several new features to further boost password security

The features are:

  • Auto-importer

Several browsers store user passwords but the security offered by them to safeguard the sensitive data of the users is always questionable.

By the virtue of this latest feature, NordPass guarantees security. With the feature, move from the browser stored credentials to a password manager.

  • Cloud storage

NordPass offers 3GB free cloud storage to users, both premium and free. They can download macOS apps, as well as Windows apps. The login is easy with NordPass credentials.

This latest features of NordPass is backed by NordLocker, which is a co-brand.

  • Data Breach Scanner

This feature helps to get important information on data breaches. If any information requires security or a password needs to be changed, the feature informs you.

  • Password Health

This upcoming feature lets you check the “health” of your password. You can check if your password is weak, old, duplicate, or already available in the violated database.

With this, you can inculcate a strong and secure password.

  • Personal Information

Using this feature, you can update important information like name, address, or phone number. You can later use the information while filling registration forms or shopping online.

  • Safari Extension

With this feature, macOS users can check the passwords and inculcate new passwords without having to leave their browser. With this extension, they can autofill or autosave passwords on one click.

These latest features of NordPass ensure inviolable security. NordPass, with its excellent features, is making the internet a safe place.

nordpass for android. Image by NewsBlaze.
nordpass for android. Image by NewsBlaze.
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